Spell for enemies

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Spell for enemies
Post # 1
Can someone teach me a simple and efficient spell to ward off or permanently neutralize the enemies of my husband at work? A spell that can be done by writing the names of six or more people (enemies) and, if the spell involves the use of some materials, they should be simple and easy to find and it does not depend on specific day or moon phases.

Thank you for any help.
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Re: Spell for enemies
Post # 2
Hmm. You could make multiple dolls for all six of these people and decide how you want them neutralized.

You could also just use a curse and light multiple candles for them.
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Re: Spell for enemies
Post # 3
Well this is fairly simple, You could use Spells, chants, charms, and ect,ect, ect . But you could always use poppet dolls and say a spell to keep peace and not harm anyone then tie a black cloth around the dolls and bury them. Or you can light 2 candles (one black, one white) and chant something simple over and over like ''neutrualize neutrualize these 6 enemies, don't let them hurt me or my husband please, let them go with the flow and keep peace, as i say this it will be''

Also you could get a silver/gold watch of your husbands and a bracelet/necklace of your's, then put it out on a shining moon prefferably full, and say a simple enemy spell like ''The moon and the sun our are mother and father, so let thee combine and smother, by the gods, and elements that rule this life, let them help me through this strife, Let the gods charm thee things in front of me, by the light the'll be peace and it will please, and by noon the'll be no more enemies bothering thee, this is my will so mote it be!!!'' (New spell) then wear it everyday.
Anyways i hoped this helped. msg if it did
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