Merry meet to all!

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Merry meet to all!
Post # 1
Hello, and Merry Meet to all!

My name is Amanda, or Mandie. I also go by my Spiritual Name, Amethyst Lily, and I am located in Rhode Island. I practice both white magick and black magick. I'd consider my experience/skill level to be "Intermediate" as well as Adept in some areas, as I have been practicing for a long time now.
I am 25 years old, and I have been studying and practicing Wicca/Paganism/Magick and the Occult for 13 years now. My interest in the Occult/Wicca/Paganism/Magick started at the early age of 12, and I have been following a Pagan path since then.

I have studied a lot of Egyptian Mythology, and I am quite adept in Tarot & Oracle Card Readings, amongst many other areas of the craft. My strong suits within the craft include everything from the basics to more advanced practices. Some of my skills include the following: Astrology/Divination/Tarot/Oracle/Numerology/Meditation/Chakra/Herbalism/Binding/Crystals/Gemstones etc./Beginner-Intermediate Spellwork/Rituals & Holiday Rituals/Calling Corners/Auras/Mythology/Dieties/Egyptian Mythology/Egyptian Dieites/Astral Projection etc.

I am interested in learning more about the Dark Arts/Black Magick. There is limited information on subjects such as Satanism and forms of it, Demonology, Chaos, Voodoo/Hoodoo, Advanced Spellcasting/Summoning, Kaballah, Vampyrism etc. I am knowledgeable in those areas, but desire to learn much more.

I am a new member of Black Cross Coven, and I am willing to help anyone out with any questions they have about Paganism, the Occult and Magick. I'd also love to learn more about the Dark Arts, and look forward to meeting new people and learning new things! I also give Numerology, Tarot Card & Oracle Card Readings!

Brightest Blessings to all!

~Amethyst Lily
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Re: Merry meet to all!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hello! Its good that you already know a lot. I hope you enjoy your time here.

As for satanism- I am a satanist. However I'm more of a laveyan satanist, and I kind of incorperate a bunch of other things into my belief system. If you would like to know anything I would be glad to give you my thoughts and opinions.

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