Honey jar spell

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Honey jar spell
Post # 1
I had some vivid dreaming last night since I added an envelope of my name is his writing, a picture of me and a picture of him and my hair to the jar. I noticed the flame burning higher than before yesterday and today as well.
He started posting about being in love and about someone who is meant to be in your life gravitating back towards you. Could this be signs my jar is being successful even though I just started a week ago?

Also, tried posting this on Yahoo first, but got negative answers. Why don't people believe that magic can really work? And why are they really dead set against it? Sorry, just kind of really venting here, but is also like to hear about people's experiences. Thanks!
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Re: Honey jar spell
Post # 2

People who are so used to the real world and are very close minded are the ones who dwell on Yahoo! Answers. Luckily, you found a magic site full of practitioners and who know what they are doing.

If you feel that what you're doing is working, keep feeling that way. Keep having confidence. It'll boost your spell and your honey jar workings.

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Re: Honey jar spell
Post # 3
I feel it is working. I started burning the candles every day, and I think i am going to keep that going for another week or so, maybe add some cinnamon here soon, but I think I am slowly seeing results. :-)

And thanks for the support. I just tried yahoo to see what I'd get, but I tried to pass it off because obviously they don't understand what I'm talking about.
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Re: Honey jar spell
Post # 4
Well, last week I tried texting him and messaging him and he didn't respond.
I started the jar on August 4th; however, I only had the parchment paper with our names and the herbs in the jar. Also, I have his box cutter and one of his ps3 games on my altar close to the candle.
He didn't respond Friday when I texted him last week.
Monday, I added my hair, an envelope he had written my name on from our first breakup, my hair and a pic of me and a pic of him. The candle flame started burning higher.

Just texted him tonight, and he responded but he's still not in the mood to talk at the moment. I'm not sure if that means he isn't ready to talk to me yet, but I figure, if he didn't respond at all last week and now he's replying the jar is in effect. It's slow moving but I guess, this is a step up from where I was. I just can't lose confidence. Keep working the jar. I'm seeing results.
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