energy ball help

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energy ball help
Post # 1
I've been practising how to making energy balls. I've only been doing it for a couple of weeks and I usually practice every other day. I feel like my energy balls are getting weaker and I don't know what to do. Some advice would really be nice. :)
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Re: energy ball help
Post # 2
first try breathing some "mana" (best do this while meditate) after that put it in one of you your danttien, an energy center there are only 3 centers... try not using the energy center from your third eye when doing this if you fdont have any prior experience, but you can use your lower dantian or your middle dantian after that compress it as hard as you can and and try get it out through your solar plexus, or you can just send the mana you have just gatherd to your hands, then bring your hand closer one to each other and release the "mana" but try to compress it after that you should be able to have a distinct magnetic feelinglike pushing your hand away
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Re: energy ball help
Post # 3
Rest, relax and refill your energy/mana/psi/chakra reserves (or how ever you wish to call it) then try again.

Because just like with physical training its possible to over train(sorry if I used a bad term english is not my native language, nor am I that good with it) yourself with any form of training, so regular breaks and rest for proper amount of time is a must.
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Re: energy ball help
Post # 4
I find that if you haven't eaten much or are sick or physically weak its it hard. If your physically tired it will be weak energy even if your not using your own energy because you won't be able to mold it perfectly so it will feel weak. Meditation, physical health, Balanced and open chakra's will help and or hider energy work. If you have trouble focusing on the energy and moving and molding it you may need to meditate more. I find listening to binaural beats while meditating helps with concentration.

They don't work for everyone tho from what i've heard i just know it helps me.
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