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Wands & Swords talk
Post # 1

Hello all, I had a thought today, and I don't know why I haven't had this thought earlier than now, but hey: all things must come in their time, right? Anyway, my thought is on the suit of Wands and Swords, specifically on what each represents: Wands is fire, and in most books on Tarot it symbolizes the seeds of an idea beginning in the mind. Swords is air, and symbolizes action being taken to manifest those seeds/ideas in your life. My question is, wouldn't it make more sense for Wands to represent the action of carrying out the ideas (since it IS an active, male energy), and for Swords to represent the seeds/ideas forming in the mind (because ideas are a product of the mind's rationale, so to speak)? On the other hand, I do agree with Cups being emotions and the emotional drive to carry out an action, and Pentacles being the physical definitive manifestation of those initial seeds/ideas in the real world. So here is my line-up of each element and how they progress: Swords is the mind/intellect and the thoughts/seeds/ideas, etc., Cups is emotions and the desire to do something with those ideas, Wands is the action one takes (or seeks to take) to manifest those ideas, and Pentacles is the ultimate real-world manifestation of those ideas. I don't know, maybe I'm completely missing something that everyone else is seeing, but I really feel like this is opposite... If I am in fact missing something, would you all please help me to understand where my disconnect is? Blessed be, Chris

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Re: Wands & Swords talk
Post # 2
Think about when one would use a sword and when one would use a wand. A wand is used in spells and a spell isn't much of a physical action twords your goal aside from the physical acts of the ritual which on it's own doesn't do anything twords your goal. A sword is a tool and a tool is used in action to bring one closer to their goal.

Although I can see why you think that they should be switched in their meanings.
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Re: Wands & Swords talk
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I agree with Outcast.
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Re: Wands & Swords talk
Post # 4

I think of wands as an intellectual tool, so i personally align them to air.

Swords i see as a physical tool, will power, and the will to act. So i align it to fire.

This just makes more sense to me, the associations are interchangeable and not set in stone.

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Re: Wands & Swords talk
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
@thtdancerguy, you are correct.

Cups = emotions/heart/water
Swords = mind/spades/air
Pentacles = materialism/diamond/earth
Wands = primal energy/clubs/fire
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