Parent-Child Spell

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Parent-Child Spell
Post # 1
I am trying to help a father who is separated from his children - he is overseas and is trying to get back to the US where his children live (he is not a US citizen and must come to the US on some type of VISA). Court made a horrible order sharply regulating his time with the children and makes no mention of him being able to talk with the children while he is overseas. It will take him some months to get back to the US.

Does anyone know of a spell/ritual to give this father more time with his children? I will have to do the spell - I probably will need pictures of the man and his children - no problem there. I have already done a spell to ask for justice to get the court order rectified and maybe even get this judge unelected in the fall.

Going back to court/traditional legal stuff outside the realm of magic will not work. I am a lawyer by day; I do magic at night. Any help/suggestions insight will be appreciated.
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Re: Parent-Child Spell
Post # 2
It has been my experience within the US and NY legal system, most illegal immigrant have been sent home are done so to avoid being prosecuted for a crime. I'm not saying that's why the man has no rights to his kids, but maybe he was abusing them. I had a neighbor take a deal to not appose deportation as he was charged with sexual abuse. I can't/wont give you any spells for this. You can go through the spell books and find one or if your experienced enough you can make one.
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Re: Parent-Child Spell
Post # 3

Thank you for your response. First, this is not a case of child abuse. The man loves his children. And he was not deported for criminality. He is a German citizen and was here on an investor's visa. The business is no longer viable and he cannot remain in the US but has to reapply for another visa. He is working on forming another business venture. Meanwhile his children are US citizens and he needs to be able to at least talk to them. The mother of the children is wholly uncooperative with him for her own reasons that have nothing to do with abuse.

I kind of designed my own thing for him
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