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Help with Tarot
Post # 1
I've heard that you can use a normal deck of cards for Tarot. How do you do this? I'm pretty drawn to a deck I have because me and a friend would play with them all the time, so I think those would work great.
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Re: Help with Tarot
Post # 2

While using a normal deck of 52 playing cards is used for divination purposes (this is referred to as Cartomancy ), it's not at all like Tarot in the way of images, not to mention the absence of a Major Arcana. In order to really get Cartomancy with playing cards down, you would have to study, study, study the meanings of each individual card so that you could remember what each card means during a reading. Trust me when I say this: Tarot is a MUCH better (and more feasible) route to go if you are interested in divination via Cartomancy. But if you insist on using playing cards, I wish you all the more luck and power.

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Re: Help with Tarot
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3


  • 22 Major Arcana (The Fool being unnumbered or 0)
  • Four suits of fourteen as follows;
  • Wands/Rods/Staffs
  • Swords/Blades/Daggers
  • Chalices/Cups
  • Pentacles/Coins

Playing Cards

  • The Joker or Wild Card
  • Four suits of thirteen as follows;
  • Clubs
  • Spades
  • Hearts
  • Diamonds

Treating the lists mutually, this shows how a deck of playing cards align with a deck of Tarot cards. the Jack of the playing cards can be treated as a Page, Knight, or both within the Tarot cards. As well as utilizing more commonly known Tarot spreads, one can use popular game card positions when using a playing card deck. Additionally, one does not need to equte a playing deck with a Tarot deck to use them in cartomancy.

Continuing the mention of cartomancy, it refers to absolutely any form of divination involving cards. This can include Tarot, playing cards, Oracle, and many more. I mean, you could even use trading cards as a pop culture practice if you wanted to. All you have to do is understand what the cards mean to you and plug them into different spreads.

The most important thing to remember about cartomancy is that you need to know what the cards mean to you as you are the one reading them. You don't even need to treat them as forms of divination; they can be quite the psychological tools that force you to look at various situations from different perspectives.

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