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Do you need to?
Post # 1
Please answer!
1) Do I need to unlock my aura to cast spells or not? (Without any ingredients)
2) How to unlock my full powers? (Without any ingredients)
3) Do covens teach you?
4) Please tell me a free magic school that has everything that a witch can learn easily
5) When is the right time to tell my parents about this? Do they freak out?
6) How to cast spells?
7) How to make spells?
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Re: Do you need to?
Post # 2
Oh and last one
8) Where should I start?
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Re: Do you need to?
Post # 3
1. There is no need to unlock your aura, as it is around you the whole time.
2. Unlocking your full powers? People are born with special abilities, like seeing spirits, or empathy, but saying the word 'powers' makes it sound like some kind of video game. Your special ability could be something like being a good musician, or naturally smart, but nothing like the movies.
3. Covens teach, from what I know, but most covens hold certain restrictions, like age requirement, and having the basics figured out.
4. Magic school, like in Harry Potter? Schools like that don't exist, and I've seen many online witchcraft schools that require payment. Besides, why need a magic school when a good amount of the knowledge is at your disposal in the Internet!
5. When my parents learned that I wanted to become Wiccan, and also practice magic, they didn't take it well. Even as I tried to explain to them why I wanted this path, they decided to ignore me and listen to other people about the subject instead of me, to this day, I remain Catholic for them and my brothers. Hopefully, you get better luck than I do.
6. You cast a spell when you know your ready for it, meditate before spellcraft, and know that your intent is pure.
7. You make spells based on how it works for you. Depending on what you want, your spell can be as simple as a prayer, or as complex as a ritual. It works best when you know how magic works, and you focus on your goal.
8. To start off, learn about visualization and concentration. Meditation is really important when working magic, and learn how to direct energy, whether you need tools or not. I hope I was able to help.
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Re: Do you need to?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
1) Its not needed right away, but it is a good idea and interesting subject to look into
2) Again, not needed right away and beginners probably won't be able to "unlock full power". That can take a lot of time to do.
3) Covens can be very helpful in the way of teaching and gathering lessons, but its good to have many ways of learning other than covens. Books, videos, websites, all of those can help as well.
4) I don't know of many free magic schools that has "everything". Magick has many paths and different methods and views, its very large and personal for every person in one way or another. I'm sure theres places that will be helpful though if you research it online.
5) Depending on your parents, its hard to say if they'll freak out - my parents took it very well when I started but some people now a day get rather frightened when they hear the words "WItchcraft" or "Magick". I would tell you to learn more first, and then figure out the best way to tell them. I personally explained it the best I could in a way they could understand and gave them several website links and let them read a book I got from the library.
6) Casting spells is different for every person, path and type of spell. Theres many different ways to do it. Basically the preparation before casting a spell is alike for many. Most people cast a circle, invoke deities and Elements to work with, make a statement of what the spell/ritual results they are looking for will be and the purpose of the spell/ritual. Then raising and channeling of energy. Usually meditation to focus the mind and calm the body. Then the actual spell work.
7) Again, its different for every person. Theres lots of layouts and ideas on how to make a spell. Personally I write out the basic idea and details of the spell first - Like the name and type of the spell, the purpose of it and results that I want from the spell. The supplies that are needed (if any) for it (This may be things like incenses, tools, or gems). And if theres certain days/hours/moon phases, deities, or seasons that should be used with the spell. Then I'll write out what needs to be done physically, mentally and verbally.
8) Starting is also different. I'd say just look around, research and gather different information. A notebook to keep research in is a great idea. Start with basic knowledge of magick and Witchcraft, the paths, deities and types of magick, and methods of meditation, circle casting and releasing, and easy spells and spellwork.
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Re: Do you need to?
Post # 5
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