I need a death spell

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I need a death spell
Post # 1
I have many enemies that always try to crush me for no just cause.I have really try never to offend anyone, but this person very close in my location doesn 't want me to live.
Please does anyone know of any simple but powerful death spell to get rid of this foe quickly? Kindly respond.

Re: I need a death spell
Post # 2
Nope there is no need to kill anyone and remember that if you cast a death spell the consequences will be severe.

Re: I need a death spell
Post # 3
What is an alternative then?

Re: I need a death spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
i cannot say no strong enough. there are so many choices you could use; protection and banishing, or a hex if you want to e touch, but killing these people is a last resort, and even then its not a great option.

no death spell is simple, nor is it straight forward or wise to cast. if you chose to do a death spell, even if its for the right reasons, you will be hit by the threefold law hard. a covenmate of mine cast on someone who hurt him, his brother, and many other people for many year. he reflected of the situation and meditated on it for a year before deciding it was the right thing to do. even though he took all the precautions [the man did die) he still received a lot of negative effects. [divorce for example]

Re: I need a death spell
Post # 5
Thanks for your suggestions. Iam still researching.

Re: I need a death spell
Post # 6
Do you really want to risk going to hell.

Re: I need a death spell
Post # 7
Hell is a personal belief, some believe in it some don't.

Re: I need a death spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
this person very close in my location doesn 't want me to live

If this individual has made threats to your well being, you need to notify your guardian (IE: Parents or other family) or the proper authorities and look into an order of protection. If someone threatens your life, you do not kill them using any means. Whether using a physical weapon, or magick, it is still the same morals. That is condemning someone for a crime they have not committed. There are plenty of people in this world I would rather not share the same air with, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go kill them. That is not justice. That doesn't even make any sense. And wanting to run off and create violence over such things along with your choice of words "enemies" "crush me" "foe" etc. demonstrates your own mindset, which is unhealthy. Please consider counseling or at the very least, a good self help book for thinking more optimistically.

If you were an experienced practitioner, you would not have to be on here asking for a spell. So I can assume you are new to magick. "Power" is not in the ritual itself but in the authority of the magick practitioner performing it. So there is no such thing as a simple but powerful death spell. I'm sorry.

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