What is a familiar

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> What is a familiar

What is a familiar
Post # 1
I've never heard of a familiar, what is it, and can I do something to find one lol
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Re: What is a familiar
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
A familiar is a animal that helps you and bonds with you during magick. It can be any kind of animal though a lot of Witches use cats or dogs. But it can be any pet you wish.
Basically, you grow with the animal, They will help guide you and help teach you. It will be a friend, a support and a teacher to you.

If you don't have a pet already that you're very connected with, you can adopt or buy one at a petstore or from a person. Or you can even take in a stray. My first Familiar that I had for about fourteen years was a stray cat that my older brother got for me from a house down the street where the woman was feeding many strays cats. He went and got one and brought her home for me. She was very scared at first, and even became rather defensive and a bit mean to pretty much everyone but for some reason she never was mean or defensive to me. As we grew (I was about six when I got her) she and I grew much closer. When I started doing rituals she became my familiar before I even knew what a familiar was. I always thought she was a witch in her past life or something because whenever I did a ritual she always wanted to sit with me in the circle. If she wasn't on my lap normally she would be sleeping on or around my altar or where I kept my crystals.
Once I learned what a familiar was, I started working with my Cat and asking her to help me with magick. She taught me a lot without verbally saying a word. I still miss her to this day, Goddess rest her soul.

Familiars are really wonderful to have, I advise you look for one. =)
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Re: What is a familiar
Post # 3
Awesome, thanks so much
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Re: What is a familiar
Post # 4
A familiar actually isn't an animal, that's Hollywood stuff, it's a spirit that you work with. Some people have more than one. Aside from the animal thing, the other poster is mostly right. A familiar will help you with your magic, help you learn, and work with you on a lot of things. As far as finding one goes, try meditating on finding your familiar and see what comes to you. If you're able, you might also try astral projecting and seeing what comes to you.
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Re: What is a familiar
Post # 5
They're a great help. I have a cat. The one on my profile pic. She is the best cat I've ever had and very a powerful familiar. Also very sweet.
We literally worship each other.
I am very fortunate to have found her.
I recommend finding one that resonates with your energy.
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Re: What is a familiar
Post # 6
Awesome thanks everyone
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