Career Spell?

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Career Spell?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hello. I have been looking for work for over a year, now. I have applied for countless jobs throughout this past year and have only had 3 interviews. I have done work experience, and have all my GCSE's, A-Level's and a foundation degree (I'm British). So I can't understand why I never get calls back for interviews.

It is getting incredibly frustrating and stressful, still being unemployed after so long. I'm never out of my house, because I'm no longer in education and I can't afford to go out and do something productive. Feel like I'm starting to get cabin fever, haha!

Can anyone recommend me a good spell to boost my chances of finally getting a job, that also doesn't require a lot of ingredients? I don't have much money these days to get a load of equipment for spells. I need a job soon before I lose my mind, lol.
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Re: Career Spell?
Post # 2

I would not trust the above post as it is strictly against the site rules to give out email address. The above post looks more like a scam then help.

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Re: Career Spell?
Post # 3
Try making a tea from chamomile, a little clove, and mint leaves. You could also make a sachet with these herbs as well as bay leaves, basil and alfalfa. These are all luck and success herbs. Bay leaves are especially great for increasing your intuition when it comes to job searching. I hope this helps.
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Re: Career Spell?
Post # 4
Definitely don't trust the above email address. I've seen that around this site, before. It's a scammer. You'll only get ripped off. You're better doing it yourself, anyway. Makes the spell stronger.
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Re: Career Spell?
Post # 5
It seems to me like your trying really hard, I'm in the exact same boat by the way as are many others your situation is not unique. Perhaps you need to take a look at your c.v try and improve it or even stretch the truth if you have to.

A spell running alongside wouldn't be a bad idea use a green candle, personally I would find the job you want and be specific about it.

You shouldn't be stuck in the house either that's not going to achieve anything, the weathers lovely in Britain at the moment go for a walk somewhere its free, maybe you could even cast outdoors.
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