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reading the rules
Post # 1
Why does it seem there are so many people that don't read the rules of the site? I find myself daily seeing people breaking the rules and not listening when corrected . is it just ignorance or do they not care? I see people p giving out personal information in forums and on their bios . then there's people text speaking in chatter .
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Re: reading the rules
Post # 2

I personally think they don't care and are ignorant. These people mostly log on when there are no mods around and do whatever they want. Yes they break the rules and use text speak but mostly when there are no mods around. But if they give out personal information on their bios then report them to a moderator with a link to their profile. Most of these people are in their teen years and like to fool around. This has been a continuous problem on SoM. The best way to deal with these people is to just ignore them and when there is a mod online copy and paste the text used in the chat and report them to a mod.

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Re: reading the rules
Post # 3

People are ignorant. They don't read the rules, sadly. And then they pitch a fit when they break the rules, when they didn't read them to begin with.

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Re: reading the rules
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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Re: reading the rules
By: / Novice
Post # 5
ignorance could be a part of it. age could be another, but the biggest is probably laziness. a lot of people join after discovering magick is real, so they join, and look up how to turn invisible [example] when it doesn't work you give them the reason why and a list of things to read and do. most will leave because it involves a lot of reading and homework. the rules are the same way. people sign up and automatically go on the forums without reading the rules. i've met some people who don't even know this site has rules. nothing is without rules. many join Wicca because 'you can do whatever you want'. this is not true. Wicca has rules, while the Rede is up for interpretation and definition by your own morals, many new converts go 'no physical harm.' and call it a day.

sorry that answer was all over the place, theres many different reasons, and i feel its laziness because many people today don't want to read. or if they do, only in short amounts.
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