Hearing People's Thoughts

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Hearing People's Thoughts
Post # 1
Hi guys! I'm not quite sure if it's the fact that I'm pretty good at reading people (physically, I.E. body language), or if I'm just a little psychic but I often "sense" what people are thinking or what they've been through. I mean, it happens a lot when I'm at work. It's kind of sad in a sense because I know I should trust myself and yet I find myself doubting these emotions a lot when in reality they're usually right. For example:

The other day at work I could feel this guy checking me out, like in my mind I figured "okay, he's probably checking you out or something". Now that seems pretty normal right? However, it's rare that happens to me as I am gay and live in an extremely close-minded place. It was funny though because moments later he said my hair was fabulous. My intuition was right, I mean maybe he wasn't exactly hitting on me but I could definitely feel what he was doing while ringing him up. And I have extremely good gaydar, especially on the closeted ones. Sometime's it'll even be just a single thought such as "that person gets abused" or something crazy. Now when it comes to stuff like that, I'm not quite sure I believe myself but I definitely feel I should trust it more and perhaps meditate to increase this ability. Also, a lot of times when I'm with a guy, it's soooo easy to predict how to turn them on. It's sadly too easy a lot of times. Not that I'm easy like that or anything. Perhaps it's because my Zodiac Element is Air? Anywho!

So guys! If you happen to have this as well, or any experiences with this, please share with me. Also, if anyone is able to give some tips on expanding this gift, that would help a lot! Thank you and blessed be!
xoxo )0(
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Re: Hearing People's Thoughts
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Sounds like energy sensing to me. To expand the gift you can start practicing energy manipulation to control it.
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Re: Hearing People's Thoughts
Post # 3
could be short term divination, sensing what people are going to do or say right before they do
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Re: Hearing People's Thoughts
Post # 4
Thank you guys for the possible explanations of my "gift". I will work a little more with energy and see what I can come up with. Blessed be!
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