Motivating a Spirit

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Motivating a Spirit

Motivating a Spirit
Post # 1
I decided to tell my family about some of the things that I have experienced with a spirit that I am friends with. They wrote it off as just hallucinations even though I told them about the time when he pulled me out of the way from an oncoming car and several other instances where he moved me physically.

I have a feeling that either that he doesn't want to make his presence(pardon my spelling) known because he doesn't want to deal with what could happen after my family realizes that he's really there or that he may not be powerful enough to do it(he doesn't physically move me often).

I don't want to force him, so how could I bring it up with him or if it's the fact that he's not powerful enough, how could I help him with that? I think if he's powerful enough to move me physically he could move an object.

Again, I don't want to force him to do anything. He is a close friend of mine and I don't think it's right to control anyone or anything like a slave.
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Re: Motivating a Spirit
Post # 2
Give him energy and pat attention to him.
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Re: Motivating a Spirit
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
If they do not believe in spirits then even if he manifested in front of them, they would find some way to rationalize that it wasn't real. Laughing you off and assuming it is your imagination is your first clue that they simply will not believe. That's a skeptic for you. I'm sure your spirit friend knows this.

You will find friends that are open minded about spirits and when you do, I'm sure they will sense him.

Is this validation you are seeking for them or for yourself? You do not need anyone to see or hear him to know he is there. I know sometimes it may be hard to not be able to share your experiences with others. Talking to invisible friends isn't a very sociable life choice. But it comes with the territory. You just don't share this information with people that do not believe, and especially not doctors, psychologists, teachers, dentists, police officers, etc. unless you want to be considered mentally ill. But those same people will go to their church on Sunday and snack on tasteless pieces of cardboard-like "bread" and drink out of the same disgusting wine glass 20-30 people slobbered into because it's a 2000 year old dead man's body and blood... But we are the crazy ones!
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Re: Motivating a Spirit
Post # 4
This is where you want to listen to him. If he doesn't want to make himself known, then you need to respect that and let him decide when/if he wants other people to be aware of him.
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