A question for all of you

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A question for all of you
Post # 1
Everywhere I go everyone tells me magik does not exist. But then I fun this community about two or three years ago and think, I was right, all tht studying and training was and will be of use. But then you all say, there is no such thing as a phyiscal magik. And what I mean by that is useing energy to create a feild around you or creating elementals or ya know like combat magik. I think you get the idea. But then you tell me it's fake. WHATS TH POUNT IF USEING MAGIK IF IT CANT HELP YOU IF SOMEONE COMES AT YOU WITH A GUN OR KINFE OR ECT.!!!! What's the point of magik if you can't believe in all forms of it! Everyone told me pyrokinese, teleikinese, hydrokinese is all fake!! Then how did I put out a candle with just a swip of my Hand from about 8in away!?!?? Huh? TELL ME!! What's the point in practiceing something you don't truly believe in. Real magik users know that anything Is possible.
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Re: A question for all of you
Post # 2
some people don't have gifts in certain areas or put enough effort in so they claim its not possible
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Re: A question for all of you
Post # 3
plus in many cases witchcraft is meant to be nonviolent for good reasons, with many potential cases with violent related witchcraft it could end horribly
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Re: A question for all of you
By: / Novice
Post # 4
A person can use their hand to blow out a candle from about 2 feet away.That was not telekinesis or pyrokinesis.Simple physics if anything.
If someone told you they knew a spell to turn you into a toothbrush,you wouldnt believe them,right?
Thats because hollywood and misinformed people have began to make up conclusions about very little information.
Newtons Laws Of Motion have always been in effect,and no amount of belief can change this.
Magick is not,by any means,meant to help you in an immediate situation.It can't help you if someones attacking you.If you get attacked alot,you learn how to fight,not how to cast.
You may be angry,or upset,that you can't control things,or be powerful,or special,or whatever.
The point is,'Real Magick' is the opposite of what you're doing.
Magick cant control things,or make you powerful.
But it can help you,and it can give you power.
It seems confusing now,and thats because it takes a long time to learn.I used to be exactly like you,ya know.
I thought magick could be used as a defense technique in fighting,or that I could control things.But through this website I had learned.I learned that magick must stay within the bounds of science.Everything else is just a belief.
Of course,you may deny all of my words,and a couple years ago,I'd deny them just the same.
Magick is an aide,not a crutch or cast.Everyone can use it,and there is not one person who can really 'control' things.
This will be my last attempt to help you understand why what you want to work wont work.I wish you true knowledge and happiness in life with the paths you choose to walk.
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Re: A question for all of you
Post # 5
Magick is subtle, it can sort of help you when a maniac runs at you but in ways that are not obviously magick. And if it's 8in you put a candle out then that's probably wind currents made from moving your hand. 8in isn't enough distance for minor wind currents to be insufficient. And there are some very dramatic ways to use magic. can you shoot fireballs at people? Its never been successfully done as far as I'm aware. Can you kill people just by looking at them? Not something ive had any reason to do but I hear of many voodoo priest who can.
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Re: A question for all of you
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Take a deep breath. I know its hurtful being told what you believe is fake. regarding the candle, the wind your hand made put it out. Now if you lit it by waving your hand I'd be impressed.

Magick is energy. This energy is charged and used to create change in our life. We have energy around us and inside us, a spell can effect this energy to bring change [like positive thinking can effect you] magick is similar to praying, the act of praying will not make money appear, but you have asked a deity to bring the needed changes to make more money. Magick works much the same way. It is not a physical force so it cannot do physical things. It's also a natural force ruled by nature, and therefore cannot work against it. Hence the kenisis question.

Protection spells can help keep you save from spirits but puts up a type of barrier to make people who might harm you, feel uneasy and pass you by. It is mostly for spiritual protection however, but there are spells to protect your home, car, and self from harm. Don't expect to create a shield to stop a bullet though, again, magick is not physical, the bullet is, so magick will not effect it.
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Re: A question for all of you
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
I don't know what to make of your candle situation, as i was not there. Kinesis may or may not be possible, depending on who you ask and which kinesis you are talking about. I haven't had any experience with any kinesis so I'm gonna have to say I'm a skeptic.

Usually what we practice on here is the subtle magick as stated above me. Its not that magick is fake, its just that its subtle. still useful, just not in the way you wanted. Also, if you want a means of self defense the way to go is something like karate. It's more practical and do able and more if what you seem to be looking for. You want something physical, thatcan help you defend yourself in possible danger, and maybe even something that will make you look kool or badass. martial arts fits the bill. Magick... Not so much.
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