thoughtform help needed

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> thoughtform help needed

thoughtform help needed
Post # 1
I was wondering if there was an easy simple way of creating a thoughtform.
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Re: thoughtform help needed
Post # 2
How easy it is is going to depend a good chunk on how good your visualization is and if you can pull up enough energy and hold it together in a cohesive unit. Also what you want this thoughtform to do and how you want it to act and how long it's meant to last, it's simple enough to make a little energy ball and make it float around the room for a few minutes but you'd have to put forth much more effort for, say, a home guardian meant to keep those who meant you ill away who was shaped like a Roman Centurion who's meant to stick around for as long as you live in that home. It's a details thing and almost a programing thing.
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Re: thoughtform help needed
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
You create thoughtforms all the time without realizing it. The idea of "thoughtform" comes from the philosophy that our thoughts/emotions are solid things within some level of existence. When they are focused on either intently and especially repetitively they become stronger. When you practice a spell or ritual you are using this to your advantage by purposely focusing on a goal to manifest it. In this same way, people can cause thought/emotion to form a pseudo-spirit. But due to the fact that they are formed by your thought/emotion they have the bad habit of being corrupted by thought/emotion. So it is best to utilize them for a single purpose and then destroy them and never ever treat them as toys or pets. I recommend creating them off of a physical object that can be destroyed to destroy the thought form. This could be as simple as a piece of paper you destroy.
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