Changing body temporarily

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Changing body temporarily
Post # 1
I'm hoping for a spell that allows for me, or anyone else, to change any aspect of their body temporarily, simply by imagining it. Just think of what you want to change, and recite the spell.

There should also be a reversal spell to go back to what originally looked like.

Basically, you should be able to change any aspect of your body within reason by imagining it and reciting a spell, and you should be able to undo it with a different spell.

Perhaps this could also work with people. Think about a person and recite the spell to change into them. (Changing your body into the same as theirs, not trading bodies or possessing their body.)

Another idea: make it to where everyone else sees you as your original, unchanged self. You, of course, would be able to experience everything in your changed body. Keep in mind, these changes are reversible.

I ask that if you come up with one, at least test it!

Alright, go for it!

Re: Changing body temporarily
By: / Novice
Post # 2
That's a great idea! Too bad this isn't The Craft -_-

Physical changes can't happen with magick, it works with energy and forces. Some say you could use spells to look different to people, but its either an illusion [not physical] or uses items that are known to create change [lemon juice to lighten hair]

Re: Changing body temporarily
Post # 3
You cannot do that. Magic can't change you into anyone or anything. Magic cannot change your DNA. You can keep imagining to turn into anything but it is not going to work. This kind of stuff only happens in the movies and fantasy so keep that stuff off the site.

Re: Changing body temporarily
Post # 4
Sorry but that is pretty much impossible as human body just is not capable of rapid and continuous adaptation(some animals are capable of adapting rather quickly and often but they are usually on level of a amoeba of or a jelly-fish) on genetic level.

Re: Changing body temporarily
Post # 5
Exactly what I didn't want to hear, but I guess that it's all I'm going to get.

I'm new at magic(k), so I didn't know that, but I definitely need to study up on this stuff.

Thanks anyway!

Re: Changing body temporarily
Post # 6
Well we all need to start somewhere and it is okay to make mistakes here are a few links that will guide you in the right direction.

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