Telling My Parents ?

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Forums -> Wicca -> Telling My Parents ?

Telling My Parents ?
Post # 1
Since my parents celebrate Christmas I thought I might as well too.
I would like to buy somethings to get me started with my OWN money, I'm 14
I would buy an altar set ( it comes with everything I need to get me started ) Extra candles/ a book , a book of shadows , a pentagram necklace, a crystal, maybe an extra wand even though the altar set comes with one, extra incense, and other ingridents. Together this will cost me about $204 but I'm assuming it'll all be worth it assuming after I have an altar all I would be needing to purchase in the future is extra ingredients.

I need help coming up with an excuse or something so that my parents will actually let Me keep this stuff.
I plan on putting my money on a pre-paid credit card, order everything I need, and tell them when everything gets to my house ( I'm assuming they won't take the only thing I got for christmas and throw it away) but I'm still thinking.
Hopefully I would have came up with a good excuse by December.

Thanks for all those that help!! (:

Blessed Be
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Re: Telling My Parents ?
Post # 2
I forgot to add that I will be purchasing a spell book too.
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Re: Telling My Parents ?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
You don't need to go to the expense of all of that. You could create an altar of things that make you think of your faith that are ordinary looking to anyone else. Candle holders at yard sales or flea malls are often 3 dollars, candles can be purchased in pairs for a dollar or two at many stores. An altar cloth can be picked up in the remnants bin of a fabric shop or craft department for very little. A book of shadows could be a simple notebook.

As for the rest of the stuff, you can often find them in different places if you look, I have a starfish pendant in a large hoop as a pentagram. I picked up my wand when I was removing storm debris from my yard.
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Re: Telling My Parents ?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

As has been suggested, you don't need to spend all that money on fitting out an alter. You can do it for much less money by using things you already have in the house or that you can purchase for far less in places like discount stores. And all you need for a BOS is a 3-ring binder.

And I'd not spend my money on a spell book either. Spells have almost nothing at all to do with Wicca.

As to what your parents will say, that I can't tell you. But I would say that if they do not wish such an altar under their roof then it would be a good idea to honor their wishes until you are of an age to move out and get a place of your own.

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Re: Telling My Parents ?
Post # 5
Okay wanted to tell you have the same problem my parents don't know I've been practicing magic either and 14 as well my parents my dad and mom would probably respect my decision its the rest of my family there hard core Mormons so I have the same kind of delima to a point. However one of my real world friends also has an interest in magic so I think its easiest to have a secret when you still have someone to talk to about it. I have almost kept my secret for two years. Personally what I have been doing is since I am not this prissy girl my dad let me have a pocket knife when I was nine so I went walking alone when we went camping one time and got a stick that I felt drawn to took off the bark and put some carvings on it. Even if yo don't have a pocket knife you could do this with a regular knife when no ones home but you.
However your not asking about wands and stuff your asking for advice is how to tell your parents if you decide to. Its up to you I don't know how relgious they are but if out aren't feeling like there's is the right one for you personally because this is how I was raised you really shouldn't have to go but again I don't know about your family. If I had to tell mine tomorrow I would probably sit them down and tell them if they suddenly went into cardiac arrest on the outside i 'd pretend it was all a joke if they were surprised but still open minded a but I would explain why I was doing all this. If they say no you could always do what has been?suggested make it look like ordinary things. I would also try to tell them before Christmas because you never know they might already know and are just waiting for you to tell them. Also tip about book of shadows just go to Walmart and get the nice black leather journals there $8.00 that's really what most do.
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Re: Telling My Parents ?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Sibyl you can tell your parents and ask them not to tell anyone else. I told my mom and she didn't tell anyone until I was much older, and they've never brought it up to me.

Scemoboy, as mentioned, it doesn't need to be that expensive. I started out at 15, I had an old blank notebook and a copy of Wicca for Life. The candles I either borrowed or bought at the dollar store, my athame I bought at a farmers market for 5$ and slowly I built my collection of tools. I think books are what most of my money went to. My altar has never been a fancy one [dark stained wood is my dream altar] I have used filing cabinets, coffee tables, large stones, and currently a plastic box. If the area is concecrated that's all that matters. My first circle had candles and incense, my BoS, cake and juice, and me. It wasn't special, but I still remember the feeling of that first circle. It's your intent, not the 100$ athame or gold edged Book of Shadows that makes the circle.

Regarding your parents, just talk to them. Be calm, ask them to listen to everything and think about it. Present them with facts and reference information. Be prepared you might have to compromise.
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