Is There A Way To Do This

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Is There A Way To Do This
Post # 1
Is there a way to cast spells without candles and without materials like lavender, certain flowers and sage and stuff that I have to burn. My mom doesn't let me burn candles in the house. Or could one of you do a spell FOR me? Also a lot of the spells on this site seem fake. Why would you write down a ridiculous fake spell? Is this all not real?
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Re: Is There A Way To Do This
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

The wonderful thing about magick is that nothing is required. If you do not have the tools, then just do the spell without them, adjusting the spell to suit your needs.

If you are unable to burn candles in the house then I'd suggest getting the fake candles to use. You can find ones that have a wax outside, but contain a small light bulb in the center. I find them pretty useful if I find that I can't use regular candles.

Few people will offer to cast a spell for you, and even fewer of those people that are willing to do so actually know what they are doing. It is best that you do it for yourself, as it will have higher chances of working. Then you know it was actually done, and not someone just saying they did it.

A lot of children come to this site under the illusion that they can transform into various creatures, gain superhuman abilities, make all of life's wishes come true, etc. Many think that by adding their spell that they will get recognition for their efforts or be praised for spreading their knowledge. This is not the case, though. Others simply post fake spells to mess with people and the site. After going through nearly all of the spells on this site I can say with confidence that there are quite a bit of useful spells, although I estimate 75% of them are fake/useless. Use common sense when looking through the spell book. Also, do not inherently trust the star ranking system of spells, as it is not entirely accurate.

Magick is real, at least for me. (After a decade of doing this I sure hope it's real! haha) Others may say it's not, who really knows. Although recent discoveries in science have shown at least some merit to magical beliefs.

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Re: Is There A Way To Do This
Post # 3
Instead of burning herbs or incense, you might be able to convince your mom to let you get one of those scentsy things that heats oil without a flame, and you could warm lavender oil and other oils during spellwork.

Instead of a wand or athame, just use your dominant hand (whichever hand you write with).

The most important thing in magik is yourself, though, so don't worry about spell materials and candles too much. You are your power source. :)
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