Rune of fire

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Rune of fire
Post # 1
Recently i had a problem decidin which one of these 3 runes ( FEHU KENAZ SOWILO) is the true rune of fire, so i tryed to research them as best i could but there wasn't too much information on them execept for their purpose in divination and since i want to use them as talismans and in my magical working i need more info on them please help!!!

Also if possible please also leave some info about their merkstave qualities!!!

Thx and blessings!
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Re: Rune of fire
Post # 2
Do some research on their galdr meaning! For example
Just to get you started, there are also plenty of books on runic interpretation through galdr.
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Re: Rune of fire
By: / Novice
Post # 3

personally i think of kenaz as being more fire-ish, but i guess it depends on what sense/ quality of fire you need.

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Re: Rune of fire
By: / Novice
Post # 4
None of them are fire. Fehu is a cow, Kenaz is a torch, and Sowilo is the sun. Kenaz and Sowilo can both be associated with fire, but they are not fire.

If you want to somehow connect the Runes with classical elements, multiple Runes could share an element, making several "Runes of Fire".
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Re: Rune of fire
Post # 5
Kenaz for sure, and Sowilo would be of the Sun so I would say fire.
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Re: Rune of fire
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Fire and ice are the two elements of creation in the mythology, therefore both are extremely dominant in all aspects of the culture, including the futhark. Interestingly enough, fire and ice are very abundant in space. So the idea is scientifically supported. Also, if you look at how our earth is believed to be formed, volcanic eruptions formed land, and melting ice caps became the oceans. So perhaps fire and ice really did come first.

Many runes can be associated with elements. But focusing on element correspondence alone will lead you into trouble. If I were to choose one rune which stood out as fiery in the form of the same fire we light a candle with or cook over, I would pick kenaz. Sowulo would be more in line with Muspelheim's fire. And Fehu...I've never understood where the correspondence to fire came from with that one. One author must have written it and it was copied blindly. I've never seen anything in the original literature that hints to a fire association with fehu.
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