Mundane vs. Magical

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Mundane vs. Magical
Post # 1

I have noticed that the amount of people jumping to blame medical issues or other problems, on occult practices is on the rise. While it sometimes cannot be ruled out, most times it is completely unrelated. Someone cursed you, but you don't know any occultists? Someone got in an accident due to recklessness, but it must be a demon that made it happen? Come on now people, this is getting rediculous. I have done this myself at one point, with my illness. Honestly I think it is the superstition, the fear of the unknown, or perhaps for some it is just boredom and ignorance combined.

When something bad happens, do not jump to blame magic. Do not jump to turn to magic. It is a wonderful thing to practice, to enlighten your life, to experiment and enhance your life with it. However it should not be an end all be all thing.

Suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, being beaten by someone, feeling threatened? Speak to a health professional or call the cops if serious. We cant magically *poof* some form of help for you or answers to everything. Granted there are things that may help, but these matters are serious and should not wait for a spell to possibly work.

Looking to spice up your love life? Get out and meet like minded people. Spend time doing things you enjoy, with others. This makes you happier and is bound to get attention. Freshen up your appearance. Hang out with a new crowd. Sure you can do a love spell but if you sit on your butt at home after doing so it likely will not help you. Also helps if you know yourself, and love yourself. This is very attractive. Not that you should get a big ego, but having confidence and showing you can care for yourself means that you will care for the other person even better than if you are always looking down on yourself ;)

For the werevampbunnytoaster (or whatever fluff >.>) Want to be something special and get attention? Do something with your life. Even more importantly, learn who you really are, and learn to love yourself for it. Everyone goes through a phase where they want to be something more or something better. You ARE something more. People rarely realize their own potential, and often see their flaws more than others do. Stop worrying so much over what you cannot change, and do something to better your life rather than trying to be some being that you cannot be.

That being said, magic is wonderful to practice. It can help you to attune to the energies of the world and universe around you. It can help to nudge things in the direction you wish, as you take the physical means to bring it to frution. You could be a natural at it, or it may take you a long time to get the hang of things. It is definitely something I feel is worth the effort and time. BUT once again it is not something you should just turn to in a crisis, and ignore safer and more sure methods over. I know some will disagree with this, but I felt the need to say it anyways. Best wishes on your path, and blessings to you! This will be my last post for quite some time, as I have realized only physical means will help with my own situation.

~Angie xx

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Re: Mundane vs. Magical
By: / Novice
Post # 2
very interesting rant. true, many rely on magick too much, and draw the almost instant conclusion that magick is to blame when things go wrong in their life. it's just human nature really. think back, history proves this. the plague in England was caused by superstition; cats were seen as witches familiars, so they were driven out of town, and it was widely believed bathing brought disease, so many lived in a thick layer of sweat and dirt to keep disease out. this was the breeding ground for rats, ticks, fleas, and other animals that carry disease. if the fear of the dark arts didn't drive out the cats, then the rat population would not of grown out of hand. skip ahead to an even greater example; Salem. a whole trial based on fear and greed. once the dust settled, many were dead or in jail. why? because some girls made up a lie to not get in trouble that spread. they got the praise of the town, so they continued to lie, feeding off their fears.

people need to keep a level head, but emotions can and do get the better of us. especially with those who practice magick, you should always rule out logical answers before concluding a curse, or a demon. feeling tired and down could be an iron or vitamin D deficiency, voices could be a mental issue. yes, if you fear a curse, do a quick cleansing, but look at other logical answers first. regarding a curse, they grow with the energy you feed it, most of the time, it's because you think you have been cursed, and this fear will accidentally curse yourself.

magick also does not cure or fix everything. magick works if you put effort in. a cleansing or protection will clear the area, but a wealth or love spell won't work if you sit around. same with casting spells for every little problem, casting a spell a day for luck, love, wealth, friendship, beauty, will eventually cancel each other out, or make the universe teach you a lesson. magick should be used in times of need, ask yourself if somethings a need or a want before you cast. a lost shoe doesn't need the God and Goddess to be called upon [a lost pet or child yes, but a missing object, just do a skrying or something]

lol, i don't mean to be joining in on your rant, but you do have a point. more people should rely on themselves and not magick, but we were all young once, we didn't know any better, wanted to fit in, or be special, and being told magick is real, after all the faerie tales you heard growing up, makes anything suddenly possible.
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Re: Mundane vs. Magical
Post # 3
magick can make a lotta things go wrong, you know it is not always innocent hence people attribute dark, evil and dangerous things to magick. magick isn't a walk in the park u know....
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Re: Mundane vs. Magical
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Great post Anaia!

"werevampbunnytoaster" made me laugh.
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Re: Mundane vs. Magical
Post # 5

Deanm, it really depends on what you are working on/with. Yes there are "darker" aspects to it and this is of course why people often blame negative happenings on magic. All I am saying is that people should think before jumping to the conclusion that things are being caused by magic. Should also look to more productive things for solving serious issues. I remember some girl coming on the chat and saying a guy was after her, asking what to do. Now if I had someone stalking me and trying to hurt me I would call the cops, not jump on a magic chat lol


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