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Hi :)
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I'm a bit shy but here goes.
I like to dream.
I came on this website so that I could have some questions answered and I would like to learn about magic.
I'm interested in Dragon magic. Don't worry I'm not a fluff, I know that you can't summon one physically and such. I did some research about it too.
My favorite type of animal would be birds. They make me feel at peace.
Elemental magic seems interesting to me too.

I (for some reason) have a dark mind. I mean, I find it hard to forgive to those that have betrayed me. So my trust is a bit hard to get(or not).
I think I find myself suited for dark magic. I gave someone the Evil Eye and told them to die and that same person did die(2 hours later, he got ran over by a drunk driver). Pm me if you want to know about that story. The guy deserved it. I'm not a bad person, it's just when I mean peace, I prepare for war(if that made any sense to you).
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Re: Hi :)
Post # 2
Greetings Shasnas,

I am no expert on Dark magick, but from personal experience and observation I believe everyone has a dark and light side to them. The only thing is most people will either stray away from their light side or they will stray away from their dark side, but only some learn to balance and live with both sides as one(If that makes any sense) so, you probably have a stronger dark side than you do have a light side, but I feel to keep you healthy and in control of you, there should be a balance between both sides. Acknowledge you are the darkness and know you are the light. You do not have to send harm to others due to their harm against you, karma or whatever you believe will come back to them for their wrong. if this person has severely threatened you and you have to strongly defend yourself to get out of trouble by all means do what you must, however when you allow your dark side to grow that strong and not think on it you could end up doing damage to yourself. I'm not saying you are in the wrong, I'm only giving advice to tend to your light side to make that side of you as strong as your dark side and you will see how much of a blessing you are. I hope this helped and that I did not say anything to offend. Blessed Be! :)
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