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Please help!
Post # 1
So my grandpa have just had a huge surgery but after there been some complications and there is a big risk of him dying. I'm confident when it comes to spellcasting and I have a spell which I can perform even though it's quite risky that can help him. But here's my problem he's very old and already accepted that he's most likely to die. Would it be wrong for me to meddle around that kind of stuff. And sure the spell is one of the most dangerous I the would perform and maybe is just me being selfish. Who am I to decide about his fate? He would not live many much years left and I guess it's just me who are scared to lose him. So my question is what should I do?
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Re: Please help!
Post # 2
Even if you wanted to change his fate, you can't do much about it. If he is dying, then he is dying! There is little you could do about it. Everyone dies sometime, and this is his time.
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Re: Please help!
Post # 3

Hello i would like you to visit me and a friends page on facebook for your grandfather we started a healing page for requests for situations like this all kinds actually we have a lot that can send healing energy and we have had good results of course not 100 percent guarenteed ok we have various volunteers who do healing candels to sending energfy or just praying try us for him okis free also you can join is lovely groupAll paths Healing Circle on facebook we started as requests were discourage as they drained us empaths so people could go here for healing requests NAMASTE i am indigo rains or serenitylh or facebook once i se your request and his name i will personally do a healing spell send energy others will to and a spell to help doctor ok oh we are reputable dear we are made up of all kinds from high priestess to certified rieki practitioners to empaths just starting out try it if you like it let your friends know we could always use any help also my keyboard does it's own thing lol sory typos i wonder if there is a spell for a messed up pc lol

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Re: Please help!
Post # 4
Hiya Secretflames! (^.^)

Try Buddhist mantra "Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum"

It most powerful mantra.
Chant it 5 sets of 108,before surgery and after surgery.

If he die his heavy sins and bad karma will be destroyed and he go to peaceful after life or peaceful rebirth.

If he live he will have good health.

But have faith in words as you say it. :)

I also recommend Medicine Buddha mantra,,,,but I no know it.

and mantra of of Guan Yin. Chant her mantra 5 sets or 108 "Na Mo Dei Bei Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa" If he die Guan Yin will guide him to a peaceful after life or peaceful rebirth.

If he die and go to a hell chant the mantra sutra Dei Bei Zhou or Chant mantra of Kisgarbha Bodhiasttva "Om Na Mo Di Zhang Wang Pu Sa" he will guide him to a peaceful rebirth.

maybe it help.
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Re: Please help!
By: / Novice
Post # 5
When you doubt, abstain
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