Lucid dream Spell

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Lucid dream Spell
Post # 1
Im looking for a spell I would say when awake, to let me realize im in a dream immediately. after that i know what to do, ive watched inception. lol jk
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Re: Lucid dream Spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
There are a few hypnosis and guided meditation youtube videos designed to help you condition your mind to lucid dream. But honestly, the best way is to begin a dream journal. When you wake up, before moving, even before you open your eyes, think about your dreams in as much detail as possible. Then when you have thoroughly replayed whatever you can in your mind, open your eyes and write it all down. Once you begin remembering your dreams in great detail, you will be conditioning your mind to recall. At that point I would suggest meditating before sleep to cause sleep and try to design your dreams. The point between wakefulness and sleep will eventually fade and they will blend. When they blend is your chance to direct them. To me it's like random pictures and noises that jumble up and don't make sense like a bad signal. When I was a kid I called it my television, and that's the point I would change the channel to the dream I wanted. It takes time, but eventually, you'll notice that sleep is no longer that empty space between bedtime and morning.
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Re: Lucid dream Spell
Post # 3
I've been able to do some astral projecting by listening to binaural beats or isochronic tones on my iphone with headphones while relaxed in bed. You can youtube them. There's different types for different wavelengths like theta, delta, beta, and gamma. After 10- 15 min, completely relaxed, Visualize a silver cord from your belly button to the sky and pull yourself up from it. It's really hard at first but then you will feel yourself pop up from yourself go up past the sky until you start seeing colors all around you. You may fall asleep at this point, ask your deities/angels to learn about the Akashic Records, or learn what you need to at this point. I keep dreaming of being in a school, other times I fly, now it's easier for me to fly in dreams.
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