communication with gods

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communication with gods
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
i have seen a lot of posts about communication with gods, i was wondering how exactly the communication works, i mean i can feel energy's of gods, but i cant communicate i dont know if this is something i need to be able to do.
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Re: communication with gods
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
A lot of people claim communicating with gods but many talk about hearing the gods directly which can be a red flad. Gods generally communicate with omens and signs or through dreams. One can also communicate through meditation, guided meditation and astral travel when wishing to get guidance from a god or goddess. If you are wanting some direct communication, just ask! Maybe set up an altar to the deity and give an offering of the being's favored foods, incense or flowers.
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Re: communication with gods
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Communication with gods is not like communication with spirits. Each one is very different in the way they communicate. Some are very auspicious, others are more straight forward. Half the time it isn't in English nor a language I know, and I need to go hunting the translation.

I feel that communication with them grows, the longer the bond with them has gone on. For instance, when I first began work with Morrigan, I did not see her or hear her. She also sent other spirits to represent Her or do Her work. I feel that people that chit chat with their deities are not speaking to the deity themselves but a messenger that represents that higher being.

When I did rituals involving her, I commonly heard crows or ravens outside or physically heard them in my house when they weren't there. This was my "sign" that she answered me. After about 3 years, I actually experienced her as a full physical manifestation in my home. I have never experienced that with her again. It was a one time thing. This really sealed my belief in her however, and I believe that's why she did it. I had strayed away from her during the time.

10 years into her being my patroness and I am now capable of journeying to her when I'm in need of guidance. It is far from chit chat however, and I always get a sense if she actually wants to speak with me at all. I generally ask one single question and she talks then leaves. It is not a back and forth conversation. I listen carefully. Then I write it down immediately afterwards so that I can read and re-read her wisdom. I get more from it each time I read it as time goes on and I age. Most of our communication is more of urges, signs, and instincts through the bond then words or images.

Other times that I have encountered deities, they have been very intrusive, forceful, and blunt. It's generally an extremely intense experience that leaves me with absolutely no doubt that I was in the presence of an extremely strong being. Sometimes there are physical obvious signs/omens found directly afterward as if they couldn't get more undeniable.

Lesser known, unknown, or lesser gods are generally more sociable and "human", most likely because they were once human. Remember many religions teach people to strive to achieve godliness themselves. "Heaven" was originally a place of ascension of the spirit not an eternal vacation spot for dead people.

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