Need more energy!

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Need more energy!
Post # 1

I've been feeling very tired lately. What are some herbs or oils that can put that pep back in my step?


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Re: Need more energy!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Gingko Biloba or Panax Ginseng are 2 herbs I would recommend~ But use with caution; There are certain medical conditions, such as sensitivity to caffeine & heart conditions, that you must be aware of before use.
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Re: Need more energy!
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Ginseng definitely. If you have a Mortar and Pestle and some dried ginseng root, you can powderize it and mix it with tea. I usually do that before long rituals. Add a pinch of ground sage with it and you've got a nice herbal remedy for tiredness, but as always with ginseng and really with any plant, be careful how much you use.
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Re: Need more energy!
Post # 4
Athletes (for instance tenis players) just eat a banana and some chocolate before a match for energy, my advice is get a good nights sleep and eat something sweet like huny or a banana or chocolate or something
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Re: Need more energy!
Post # 5

The above suggested herbs work wonders. Do you take vitamins? A lot of people experience fatigue from simple things such as poor sleep, vitamin deficiency, not getting enough exercise, or not drinking enough water. For energy, the B vitamins are very important. Thanks to the hurried times we live in, food is prepared quickly without enough thought to nutritional value.

How are your sleeping patterns? Not getting enough, or waking repeatedly can seriously drain you. If this is the case I would look into herbs and minerals that can aid in sleeps natural process. Some of these herbs include valerian, chamomile, and lavender! Also making sure you get enough of the mineral melanin, is vital.

If you have any health issues please check with your doctor before adding anything to your regimen.


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Re: Need more energy!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

Mint is mentally stimulating but physically relaxing. When I don't have caffeine, I love mint.

But you have to understand that natural medicine is not like western medicine. It is not used to treat symptoms but actually re-balance your body by treating the cause. If you just haven't been getting sleep because you cannot (studying for finals perhaps?) then there is always coffee to keep you awake. Coffee is a natural herbal infusion that we all know and love.

But that won't cure your problem. If you have been sleeping and eating well and you are still tired, it may be stress. Meditation and relaxing baths before sleep can help your body to truly rest at night. It's also not a bad idea to exercise before the meditation/bath and then stretch afterwards to really get the most of your night's rest. You can also drink a relaxing herbal tea before bed as well. The idea is to get the maximum quality of sleep you can, because tiredness generally is an indication that your sleep is being disrupted by emotional, mental, and physical tension.

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