Changes for the better ^^

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Changes for the better ^^
Post # 1
We all dawn our own masks, for various reasons. Some in fear, some to sneak about, or perhaps we feel they protect those closest to us. Whatever the reason a mask is still easy enough to spot to those willing to look beyond it. The worst part about it is after years of donning that mask, we grow a second skin that binds it to us (metaphorically speaking of course). We start to lose sight of who we truly are, and become what we wish to portray to others. Technically speaking this can be a good thing. However being untrue to oneself eventually leads to breakdown. Before going to that masquerade, ask yourself if this is who you wish to be the rest of your life.
If you truly desire to be different do something to change yourself. Words are just words and are often misread anyways. Physically, psychologically, and emotionally become what you desire. I do not mean an instant transformation for that is not probable. It is true that some things cannot be changed and we must learn to deal with it. However there is so much that we can change but simply choose not to. For instance, John Doe experiences flashbacks due to trauma from his past. He could seek counseling, use meditation or sensory deprivation, desensitize himself to the things that trigger those flashbacks. Jane Doe feels angry all of the time. Use aromatherapy, color therapy, artwork etc. to transmute or express that anger in a healthy manner.
We may not be able to change where we came from and other similar things, but there are so many aspects of ourselves that we breed by choice. If you find yourself to be one of those that constantly say "it's just me" or "I can't help it" stop yourself right there. Our own mindset is often what holds us back. Toss away all negatives such as "can't, and don't". Our thoughts are just another form of energy, as is everything around us. Sending out such negative thoughts will just make the universe push them right back, most often with greater force. Negative thoughts multiply in our minds like rabbits. They breed incessantly and will never stop unless you end them.
I personally used to pull the "woe is me. My life is so horrible and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I must be meant to suffer". All it ever did was breed more suffering and eventual self hatred. Luckily a good friend came up and slapped my arm with the book I gave her years ago, "The Secret". While I do not agree with every little thing that the author says, any seasoned practitioner knows the power of thought.
Make a list of the things you wish to change about yourself that are feasable. If you wrote anything negative like "I'm overweight, I'm too thin, I'm stupid, I'm angry" etc, change it to a positive such as "I will lose weight. I will gain muscle. I will be better educated. I will be happier". It is very important to not only leave out the negatives, but affirm to yourself that you WILL be the opposite of what is bothering you. Keep this note somewhere that you will see it every day. Take a few moments at least once a day if not more to reaffirm that you will change.
Of course all this is not enough. Thoughts are very powerful but you must also take action to change the aspects of yourself that you dislike. Do some research on how to go about doing so. Also remember that we do not transform ourselves overnight. Using these affirmations can have a significant effect on the way you feel but you must still attack your problems head on.
Hope my boredom musings help someone :)
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Re: Changes for the better ^^
Post # 2
Excellent Post. I changed for the better, years ago. The power of positive thought mixed with the will power to see it through is a great way to become more than you are. I refuse to settle. I go for the gold. If I still come away with Brass at least I reached for greatness with all my heart to begin with. I never pity, I instead say ' What can be done to change this for the better ' . :-)
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Re: Changes for the better ^^
Post # 3

Well said ^_^

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Re: Changes for the better ^^
Post # 4
I agree well put this is something that would be great for a motivational way for people to work for their gosls as well.
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