My thoughts on PCP

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My thoughts on PCP
Post # 1
These are my thoughts on Pop Culture Paganism.

People pray to what helps them.

If it helps you, whether it would be "Lady Mara" from "Skrim: The Elderscrolls" or the three goddesses from "legend of zelda", then pray to them, sacrifice to them, raise monuments to them.

If they don't help you, then you don't need it.

In a sense, people give energy to what helps them. And in a sense, it can become real to them.

Just don't go overboard with your other path. ^_^;
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Re: My thoughts on PCP
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
i really respect this perpective, i believe this too
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Re: My thoughts on PCP
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

This phenomenon is supported by Chaotes (Chaos Magicians) because at that point, you are fueling an already "thought up" thoughtform. It means you are technically doing the majority of the work and calling it divine. Call it a tulpa, golem, servitor, or egrigore, but all in all it's still a thoughtform. Sure, they're real, but to what extent? It's as real as the tea in the cup of the four year old little girl's pretend tea party. To that kid, that tea is the most incredible tea there is! They can even taste it. And a spirit might enjoy a sip or two themselves. Imaginary friends that are commonly the child's spirit guide love that tea. But it doesn't mean the tea wasn't created through thought. If you do not understand what I mean, then you have not done enough studying.

You're allowing yourself to be consumed by the fantasy and "UPG" of your own mind, and you may fall too far down that rabbit hole if you aren't careful. It's best to understand why this works, so that you get a natural sense of what is created from this world and what is "organic" spirit. Some people love this sort of work! But what makes them different from the "pop culture pagan" is that they understand how it works and they use it and abuse it as they deam fit.

I prefer organic to artificial, just making that clear. And of course, you may argue, well what is real then? How do we know it isn't all created by human minds? Every deity, angel, spirit... I can't truly answer that for you because there are no words to describe the difference. But I assure you, when you begin working with true souls you won't go back, you will see the difference, and you will understand why such souls were truly respected and even feared by most. But some like their human made spirits that they can bend to their own will. It basically makes them a god themselves and allows them to experience whatever they wish. All they have to do is want it bad enough and they will form it through the energy of their desires. But sometimes this backfires and their fears manifest instead, and then their nightmares come to life. It's typically what occurs in beginning magick practitioners. It's like living within a perpetual spiritual canvas of unlimited possiblity. But it's still THEM. And it will only be capable of what they themselves are capable of. The created cannot exceed the creator. And the creator can destroy what has been created with far less effort than anyone else.

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Re: My thoughts on PCP
Post # 4
I see where you're coming from raven. I agree with you ^^
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