Herbal Remedy: Allergies

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Herbal Remedy: Allergies
Post # 1
Given the time of year I wanted to create a new thread with a couple natural solutions to the seasonal hay and pollen allergies that we all know can cause serious discomfort. Unless you are taught differently it seems that the only way to help cure these allergies are going to be with over the counter or prescribed medicine. I'm going to touch on just a couple of the many wonderful herbs that when used properly can really help you out.

One of the most beneficial of these herbs to curb the effects of season allergies is the underrated leaves from the nettle plant. Nettle is high in vitamin c which reduces nasal congestion and reduces inflammation.

Probably a better tasting alternative would the licorice plant. Though the herb naturally reduces inflammation as well, it acts in a slightly different way, by increasing the bodies cortisone levels. It also increases the amount of cortisone your body produces over a long period of time, so given licorice plants regularly you're body will be able to fight off allergies for a longer period of time, better than a lot of these over the counter medicines.

Now the important part is knowing how to prepare these herbs. Most of the time herbs can be prepared by simply steeping them in hot water to create a tea. However, the most effective way is to create a herbal tincture. A tincture is concentrated herbal extract made from using a high proof alcohol such as vodka and the herbs. The effects will be stronger and longer lasting than if you were to just steep the herbs in water.

(I will post a video on my page on how to create an effective herbal tincture, it can be used with many herbs for many different reasons.)

I hope for those starting to learn about herbs, this post was helpful. Please email me with any suggestions for other topics, or to learn more.

Thank you,

Matthew R.

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Re: Herbal Remedy: Allergies
Post # 2
thanks for talking about how to to prepare a tincture its important.
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Re: Herbal Remedy: Allergies
Post # 3
I don't take ovc meds or any sort of medication, I always take natural or just deal with small discomforts. I have always thought that those types of things are poison. Thank you for posting this, I am going to try these, instead of being forced to take prescription meds for my terrible allergies. Mother Nature always works best, anyway. Interesting.
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Re: Herbal Remedy: Allergies
Post # 4
you know what else nettle does? helps cure bites, stings, diaper rash, nosebleeds, and what else...oh yeah! diminished sex drive! GO NETTLE!
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Re: Herbal Remedy: Allergies
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
My moms a beekeeper and natural raw honey helps allergies too :)

I only know natural remedies for sore throat and colds that help discomfort but thats about it
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Re: Herbal Remedy: Allergies
Post # 6
I use parsley (Petroselinum crispum) for allergies. It's a natural antihistamine among it's many other beneficial properties. It tastes rather bland, but mixes well with other herbs in teas. It is good both hot and iced. I use 1 tsp of herb (or herb mixture) in one cup of hot water and steep covered for ten minute. I would drink 1 cup 3 times per day when I first started it, but now don't need to drink it as often. Parsley is a tonic. Here is an article that has some more information on it:
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