Divination: Cards/Leaves

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Divination: Cards/Leaves
Post # 1
Divination, in the most basic sense, is seeking knowledge about the future or about the unknown in general using supernatural means.

Two of the most common methods of divination, and the methods I'm most familiar and experienced with are using cards and tea leaves.

I have been specifically studying gypsy divination and it has been amazingly accurate and something I would love to share with others. For those looking to learn more, or teach themselves simple divination methods an amazing book for beginners is 'Buckland's Book of Gypsy Magic'.

This is going to be the first of many posts talking about the gypsy arts, and the real purpose of this first post is just to share my own experiences and get those who are interested, talking.

The most specific and prime example of divination came to me in 2011, the summer I graduated college. My friend and I were at the house thumbing through a book talking about tea leaves and the symbols you would see along with their meanings. I was in a very comfortable place in my life with a great job and a very nice apartment. At that time I had not thought of moving from the town I was living in, states away across the country to a city I had no friends in and no family in. When we decided to do a tea leaf reading we were not looking for any specific answers to anything, but we decided to read each others leaves so there would be no false readings because of 'seeing what you want to see'.

In my cup she noticed an airplane. This suggested a trip/promotion in life. There is much more to tea leaf reading then just seeing the symbols, you must pay attention to the location the symbol is in regards to the top of the rim, the bottom of the cup, the distance it is away from the handle of the cup, the size, and angle of the symbol. Because the airplane was near the brim it meant that this was going to happen sooner rather than later, and the symbol we saw was closer to the handle which indicated that this is going to have a major impact on my life. Long story short, about a month later I received a phone call out of the blue from an employer in Nashville, TN that came across my online resume from LinkedIn and would like to interview me. I had never sent out a resume to that employer or to any company in Nashville and never planned on moving out of that city I was already in until I received that call.

This is not the only accurate predictions from that session for me, or my friend, but I could go on and on about the accuracy of tea leaves.

I WILL be posting more about this subject and many other different subjects and variations on the art of divination. If there is any other topic that you would like me to cover or explore feel free to email me or post a reply on this forum.

Thank you,

Matthew R.
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Re: Divination: Cards/Leaves
Post # 2
I read tea leaves too! I find it very easy
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Re: Divination: Cards/Leaves
Post # 3
Can coffee be used instead of tea?
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Re: Divination: Cards/Leaves
Post # 4
I've never heard of coffee being used instead. The leaves clump together in the cup forming the symbols and imagines, you have to drink the tea and leave the leaves in the bottom. I can't imagine you would want to drink a cup of coffee with a bunch of grounds floating around inside of it.
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Re: Divination: Cards/Leaves
Post # 5
I am allergic to tea so guess I will stick to Tarot or Runestones.
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Re: Divination: Cards/Leaves
Post # 6
Yes yes coffee grinds can be used in place of tea leaves.
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