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Spells of Magic App
Post # 1
I think there should be an iPhone app for this. Just saying. It would be really nice sometimes.
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Re: Spells of Magic App
Post # 2
Yes and also for android users.It should be in googleplay for easy
access.And for using it without. internet connection
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Re: Spells of Magic App
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Asking for Pet to create an entire application? Not likely.

But perhaps becoming compatible with something like Tapatalk could be a future possibility.

Cool ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Spells of Magic App
Post # 4
It would be really nice to have an app to find spells and such, or at least a mobile version of the website. My only issue with an app for it is that it kinda takes away the naturality of witchcraft and leads us more toward the industrial society we live in. But that's just me, I'm sure lots of people feel just the opposite.
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Re: Spells of Magic App
Post # 5
I'm inky wanting the app because the mobile site isn't the best and I have to zoom on a lot of things because I use my phone for internet. Being industrial is good and alright, but you have a point about how too involved we are in our electronics. We take away real human interaction most of our time and lack social skills as a society all because of our electronics. I wish a lot of the kids my age were a lot like the kids back before like the middle if the first decade of the 21st century. We've grown so fat and lazy thanks to our handhelds and the internet and our 1000+ tv channels these days. We're all so impatient because tv and movies and video games make images happen fast so a lot of people can't stand to sit in a play theatre. But that's another topic. I'm just in the go a lot and never in a computer so I thought an app would be nice. And by in the go I mean at schoolz
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