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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Jin/Devil Jin

Jin/Devil Jin
Post # 1
What exactly is a Jin and is there any difference between a Jin and a Devil Jin?

P.S I may have spelt Jin wrong please correct me if I am :)
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Re: Jin/Devil Jin
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

The word is actually spelled "Djinn". In Islamic belief they are spiritual beings that can be either good or evil. You can read quite a bit about them at

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Re: Jin/Devil Jin
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
As Lark stated Djinn are considered beings of free will and like humans can be either good or evil based on their choices. I have not done any indepth research but I have never heard of the term devil Djinn. If you believe in the religious based aspect of Djinn the Quran calls Djinn beings of smoke & fire that were created prior to humans and rebelled because they were told to essentially consider us better than them. To be precise I believe the text is said to mention they were told to bow to us, but it has been a while since I looked into it. There are different Djinn titles that are said to refer to their strength & temperament, but the term devil djinn is not one of these title.
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Re: Jin/Devil Jin
Post # 4
Okay thanks for the information guys I appreciate it a lot! :)
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Re: Jin/Devil Jin
Post # 5
In most cases I have read anything aboat djin's it says that they're evil spirits, and that they dont actually grant wishes
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Re: Jin/Devil Jin
Post # 6
The jinns are creatures just like us that is what the quran says,they did not rebell against any was satan who rebel against his God by refusing to bow before adam.this what the qurans says so (satan is to you an open enemy)
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Re: Jin/Devil Jin
Post # 7
My friend johnas claims that Djinn are loving beings and helpful. He says they are all around the world. He told me the term "devil djinn" is what Ifrit and Jaal Djinn are.

He says their are four races of them Marid,Shaitan,Jaal and Ifirt.
Maried are highest and holiest and most powerful of all Djinn.
Shaitan are the weakest but very wise and kind. Johnas's says Shaitan reminds him of Buddhist monks.

Jaal are evil,they are most like humans,in body,they are weak. But for fun they will make a human get cancer or another diseases.
Ifirt are the second most powerful,but are the most evil of all Djinn. They love to cause humans harm. They see humans as low beings and should be dead.

Johnas told me that most everying known about Djinn is false,the only way to know the truth is to ask a Maried Djinn.
What was told to Johnas,by his own Djinn about the Qu'ran, is almost everything in it about Djinn is false. The only few prayers that will get rid of a Djinn is a Buddhist mantra. 'Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum" must be chanted 108 times.

The Ifirt Djinn names can be spelled like,"Ifirt" "ifrit"

The Jaal Djinn names can be spelled like "Jaal" Gaaal" "Ghul" "Ghule" "Jann" "Jaan", they are many names for Jaal Djinn.

Johnas works with Marid and Shaitan Djinn.

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