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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Demigod?
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Post # 1
I am a soft polytheist and so I believe in the Greek gods. And goddesses. I wanted to know the signs of being a Demi god? I feel very closely connected to Poseidon so could somebody tell me about the signs?

Re: Demigod?
Post # 2
If you can tell the future and have extraordinary psychic powers.

Re: Demigod?
Post # 3
If you have abilities high above mear mortal, which you dont, and big deal that yoi feel close to a god I feel close to my dog by that logic I would be a demidog, is that what your saying?
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Re: Demigod?
Post # 4

Hi, Josh!

First off, I want to say kindly that you cannot be a full-on physical halfblood. Though the thought and the idea of being one or becoming one still exist, but it cannot actually happen. Of course you can go on believing that you are, I cannot tell you what to do.

Now because you are close to Poseidon does not mean that you are His child. It could mean that He had taken an interest in you, and is paying attention to you.

But overall, you cannot be a physical Demi-God.

Re: Demigod?
Post # 5
You are incorrect, you cannot be a demi-god from Greek mythology, life is not a Percy Jackson novel.

Re: Demigod?
Post # 6
You're right life is a lot more than that. More then any of us can even comprehend.

Re: Demigod?
Post # 7
In terms of enjoyment and quality, yes. In terms of actual reality, no.

Humans are humans, there is no in-between, myths are symbolic stories, allegorical tales. Authours still use them today, the metaphor is a great writing device.

Did Zeus really turn into a swan and impregnate a human woman? As far as I know swans and humans cannot mate...

Re: Demigod?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
But the golden rain really did happen didn't it?! Don't tell me he didn't impregnant a woman with his "golden rain". My dreams are crushed. That couldn't possibly be a euphenism like everything else phallic and sexual in mythology! It's real! I kid. :D Good post Hadit. You are not a demigod Josh. I assure you. Pretty much, if you were one, everyone would know. You would be in the news for some fantastical feat, like resurrecting someone from the dead. I would say the canonized saints of today were the demigods of yesturday. But, Poseidon could be your patron diety. That is very possible.

Re: Demigod?
Post # 9
Ok, in most myths the impossible happened and what they had written for we know could be true but it also might be false. Also keep in mind that if us as humans can not explain why something happened it is considered not to be true and no amount of proof well change their mind so I guess it all depends on how open of a mind you have and if you compare the myths and religions to one another and look for what is different and what is the same.

Re: Demigod?
Post # 10
You are presupposing that these beings actually exist, you cannot know this for sure, but merely believe it. There is a difference.

What's more is that I can absolutely assure you that if I did wholly believe in the gods, I would still not believe this is possible. I have researched Greek mythology and have worked closely with the greek pantheon in the past.

You cannot become a demi-god. Think of the amount of pagans who work with the Greek pantheon, next to the egyptian they are the most popular one witch pagans choose to work with.

I have ever heard one of them state this erroneous belief before. I have also never heard of one of them becoming a demi-god.

Now do we choose toignore the facts of recorded history- that there has been no demi-gods, or do we choose to believe in ignorance of these facts that demi-gods exists?

It would be like saying the sun dies every day and is reborn each morning. This is what the ancients used to believe, hence their dying sun gods (more evidence of allegories!). We now know the sun does not die, but is eternally present and it is us which change position from it.

To carry on believing the old theory despite the evidence would be foolish.

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