My dream /trigger warning

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My dream /trigger warning
Post # 1
Hello everyone, lately I've been having a dream, it usually comes about two times a week and is terrifying. In my dream, I am inside a cabin, and inside i am tied up. I'm wearing a pink flower dress, that soon becomes stained with red as a lady with curly dark hair stabs my stomach.It's gotten to a point where I'm afraid she will come for me. I've told my girlfriend about this, and she seems really worried about me but tells me not to worry. She suggested that maybe it could be a memory from a past life. could anyone give me some advice or maybe thoughts on what I could be seeing?
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Re: My dream /trigger warning
Post # 2
Sometimes dreams are just dreams. Good or Bad. Sometimes they have hidden meaning but there are so many interpretations out there I would not know where to begin.
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Re: My dream /trigger warning
Post # 3
For about 14 years now I have had dreams that nightmares are made of, every single time I shut my eyes. From the totally possible to the completely preposterous, all of it played out nightly behind my closed eyes. I tried sleep aids, alcohol, and even some medication for depression. Nothing got rid of them until I started telling someone what the dreams were about. When I started talking about them, they made sense to others. Some of them took them as a warning and kept an eye out and some laughed and thought "oh thank God that isn't me" and ended up in some similar life trouble as explained in my dreams, in detail. Maybe you are getting visions about someone else and you need to stop fearing the dream and ask the psycho woman what her name is or why she is doing this. Doctors say it is not possible to dream of someone that you have never seen as the brain is not capable of making up a person's facial features. Just some food for thought. If your dreams are that vivid, something might be trying to get a message through you. Be careful and keep a journal.
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Re: My dream /trigger warning
Post # 4
I actually have a similar dream but its always in a different place. I get stabbed in the stomach 3 times with a phillips screwdriver (I don't feel a think to 0?0) and when I go for help everyone runs away.
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