Interpreting Clouds

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Interpreting Clouds

Interpreting Clouds
Post # 1
Many people have heard of Cloud reading, which infact is a form of Divination also known as Aeromancy. Typically when we go outside and we look to the sky we can normally predict it'll be a nice day when there are no clouds in the sky, or when the clouds are too dark and are blocking the sun, we predict bad weather.

That's pretty much the gist of it, but it get's a little bit better than that. So have you ever wondered how people during let's say... Three thousand years ago were able to predict the wheather? That's kind of where this sort of Divination comes in to the mystery. Diviners or anyone who could look at the clouds and somehow tell from the formations, how close together they were, or apart, just how the day or even the week would plan itself out.

Then you'd have those that think this of all forms of Divination is the most fictional of them all, some one say, "How could anyone read a cloud? How could this indiviual make any type of prediction just by stareing at the sky?" Ha.Ha! I'm sure if you stood outside and stared at the sky and started making predictions outloud, you might start to get a little crowd going there. Now, now in that persons defense, they wouldn't be considered entirely crazy. That is if your anmeteorologist.. As always science has found it's way into this aswell.

I'm not entirely sure if this method is 100% accurate, well because one it's not entirely proved nor did I live when it was greatly more significantly used, versus today wherre we use technology to do all that for us. Though of course like everything we have, it started out from somewhere as something basic, so yea perhaps someone studied cloud Divination and interpreted in to that. I've never actually practiced cloud Divination, though I've studied different symbols and shapes or even faces that were commonly seen in clouds, which suggests how these Diviners were able to do their cloud reading. Each Shape, Symobl, or "face" represented something different which is kind of cool.

Anyway, I thought I'd might share that so if you've made it this far :) Thanks for reading and comment if you want share what you beleive and know on the topic, or want me to go more in depth with. I do plan to go do some more hunting for information and talk to people I know personally that have a lot of knowledge on it's history and significance.

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Re: Interpreting Clouds
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Anybody who has spent a lifetime working "outdoors" can read the sky for his/her immediate locality, whether they be farmers or stone masons. The meteorologist looks at the "bigger" picture. Science has not "taken over". It has merely "advanced" on the knowledge of centuries. That is what Science means; knowledge!
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Re: Interpreting Clouds
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Both points are valid. Technology is a train that I wouldn't want to stand in front of but there are some novice practices in history such as growing your own food that help us to maintain humanity.
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Re: Interpreting Clouds
Post # 4

Interesting point Brysing. Thank you both for the positive feedback.

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Re: Interpreting Clouds
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Growing your own food seems like a good proposition.Until one asks the question.Do you mean grow your own food as it was originally? Or the food we have now, after thousands of years of witchcraft, cross pollination, and genetics?
Just take only one vegetable.The cabbage. It grows wild, but you wouldn't care to eat it!
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