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Scrying Help?
Post # 1
Could someone give me some tips on scrying? How long should I meditate before trying? (I use a normal glass mirror that's small, the size of the average person's palm) Does the time of day matter? How long should I try? And most importantly, should any words be said, or will the lack of words affect the scrying?
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Re: Scrying Help?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

What matters is not the length of time you're doing meditation, but getting into an Alpha brainwave or an Alpha state of consciousness (it is just below Beta, our normal alert consciousness, and is ideal for creativity and mental sight). If you want to get into deeper states of consciousness, you can look into guides for getting into Theta and Delta states.

There are two forms of scrying I've found common in all of the forms I've seen and they are psychic vision based and physical vision based. Using smoke for scrying is often a form of physical vision based scrying, while scrying into a black mirror will often provide a blank surface for psychic or mental vision to occur (it is my personal belief that our mental vision can be a form of conscious interpretation of psychic energy as we all have to interpret our physical senses before we actually 'sense' them).

Are you going for physical or psychic vision based scrying?

Time of day may or may not matter depending on your associations with time and what state your body and mind are in. Often, I find time of day may influence a reading, but it is not strict in my having to only read a certain time of day.

How long you do the reading is also up to you, but in general, just go as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Words also may or may not have influence on your reading depending solely on you. Do you have any mantras that aid you? Does your brain associate better in your native language or in another languge, or does it not matter? Do you like the energy the words bring? Think about why you would use words, what meanings are associated with the words, and say them as best you like.

Personally, I don't use any words because I'm not partial to using them in readings or workings unless I am using them for affirmation of calling or dismissing energy. What it boils down to is personal preference.

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Re: Scrying Help?
Post # 3
Is your mirror black? Normal mirrors are rarely used due to your brain being easily tricked by thinking you saw something. Black eliminates some of the problems with normal mirrors. Your atmosphere also effects it too. Do you burn candles or incense while scrying? Also if your mirror doesn't help, just put back food colouring or stamp pad refill ink (red, purple or black, in a bowl of water.
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Re: Scrying Help?
Post # 4
Thanks for both answers, they're really helpful! I'm trying for a physical version of scrying, and yes, I have a normal mirror. It has a Russian onion dome on the front, it's a compact mirror, and it's smallish. So if I paint it black (do you have any suggestions on what to paint it with), do I paint both lenses in the compact?
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Re: Scrying Help?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Even black mirrors aren't the best (though are considered more desirable than regular mirrors) for interpreting physical images, but it can be done. If you're keen on it, you can paint the lense behind the first one you see so that you still have a reflective surface. Flickering candles can provide for some variation when the flame isn't directly seen in the reflection. Pouring droplets of water can also provide for some variation on your mirror so you don't directly control what you see.

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Re: Scrying Help?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Okay, Mediation depends on you, how long it takes you to be able to focus your mind and energy. Honestly, it could take hours or it could just be minutes. Ether way, if you're not focused it will be very difficult to be able to see anything.
Most people say that the best time to do it is at night, because its easier in the dark, but any time of the day is fine.
And how long depends on you as well, I write down my questions before hand, and go through them until I run out of questions. I would focus on the object until the images stop, then move on to the other questions.
Words depend on you as well, it's whatever works for you.
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