Vision of Matron Goddess?

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Forums -> Wicca -> Vision of Matron Goddess?

Vision of Matron Goddess?
Post # 1
I just finished a guided mediation to connect with your God or Goddess, and I quite expected, if I had anything, to connect with my patron, but instead a woman came forward to me.
I know she was Greek, which makes sense since I've always loved Ancient Greece and their Gods, as she was wearing a greek toga dress. She had a friendly but sad face it seemed, and her hair was a coppery colour.
When I asked her name all I got was 'Cass...'.
So immediately after I googled 'goddess cass' and it came up with Cassandra the Greek Goddess of Prophecy.
What amazed me what when I looked at the images for her, (very few) she looked exactly the same as I had seen the woman, especially her hair.
Now I've never even heard of this Goddess let alone seen a picture of her.
But from I read she was a prophet of sort who was killed by Agamemnon's wife.
So what I am saying is, is it still possible for her to be my matron even though she was human?

This also makes sense as I've always been sensitive to things concerning the future, especially extremely strong deja vu, and have had more than my fair share of prophetic dreams which have come true.

Sorry for the badly worded question but I'm still kind of buzzing from it, although it's leaving my memory rather quickly :)
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Re: Vision of Matron Goddess?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Cassandra was the daughter of Hecuba, Queen of Troy. In the play The Trojan Woman it states that she was given the gift of foresight by Zeus, she was not a goddess just an Oracle similar to the famed ones from Delphi, unfortunately she was cursed also so that no one would believe her so she was alienated by those around her and 'shut' away by her family.

There is Greek God of prophecy Apollo, but no actual recorded Goddess of Prophecy as far as I know. There is a proper name for the dress she wore but I think it was called a Skene something along those lines.

Cassandra was killed because Agamemnons wife was Sporting around with another man, and they didn't want Agamemnon around so they killed him and blamed it on Cassandra because she was a foreigner and because they saw it as revenge for killing her family, her people etc.
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Re: Vision of Matron Goddess?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

One quick correction. One works with a Patron whether it be a God or a Goddess. Matron has another meaning altogether and does not refer to the sort of relationship we develop with a deity;, although it is frequently misspoken on the internet.

As mentioned, Cassandra was actually a Trojan prisoner of war and a slave in the house of Agemmemnon. She was thoroughly mortal and had been doomed to prophecy, but also to never have her predictions believed. As a mortal it would be unlikely she could be your Patron deity, but perhaps her shade is bringing you a message of some sort.

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Re: Vision of Matron Goddess?
Post # 4
Thanks guys, I was very confused about this when it happened. I have no idea why her shade would have wanted to visit me but oh well :)
It just surprised me as I wasn't expecting her. I'll try and meditate on it today and find out more, thank you for your information :)

P.s Thanks Lark for the Matron correction, there's so many different terms online thats it's kinda difficult for a new solitary witch.
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Re: Vision of Matron Goddess?
Post # 5
That sounds like a very cool dream. If the Goddess has come to you in the form of this Lady Cassandra, then maybe you have a subconscious or even spiritual connection with her. As you say, you have a strong sense of d?j? vu and your dreams often hint at the future or come true and in your research of Lady Cassandra, you've found she's been a prophetess. You never know, maybe you've had some sort of personal connection with her in a past life. If you feel this Lady Cassandra is a form of the Goddess you can relate to easily or have a special connection with then I think that you have most likely found your matron. And congratulations on doing so ^.^
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Re: Vision of Matron Goddess?
Post # 6
Just correcting myself on
Matron and Lady Cassandra could still be connected to the Goddess somehow. Good luck on your meditation ^.^
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Re: Vision of Matron Goddess?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Why does she have to be a goddess? Does it make her lose any more respect? Why must she even be famous? 99% of the spirits I work with have absolutely no public press. They are not at all famous and yet, they are more meaningful to me. This female spirit that approached you. Her name is Cass. Great introduction! She was or is associated with Greece. Awesome! That's a great start. Why must she be a deity? Maybe she is. Maybe she's not. Must all deities be attached to a Google link? You do realize that every single deity started out somewhere right? Personal names are far more powerful than public ones. Already you are disrespecting her by not only talking about this personal encounter, but giving her name and calling her just a shade, a pawn, a runt of the spirits! You'll get no where with such thoughts. Almost every spirit I work with gives me their "nickname" and then later their real name. Usually the nickname is a variation or the very beginning of the rest. If and when you get it, never ever share it. If and when she comes back to you, share the experience only if she says it is alright to. That is trust given to you and trust that you must not lose, or you may lose her interest in you.
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