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Post # 1
as it's acknowledged as a pseudoscience i'd just like to know if somebody here considers themselves a clairvoyant individual? if so; why?

I believe that some "gifts" are possible to learn such as seeing auras, OBE's, lucid dreaming and possibly clairvoyance, although I'm curious in what extent one's "abilities" are usable enough to be considered clairvoyant. :)
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Re: clairvoyance
Post # 2
pseudoscience is too generous a word for clairvoyance....psychology is still classed as pseudoscience and it is far more closer to being a science than the methodology which people who practice magick generally employ in their own lives.

What extent is clairvoyance able to go to? It depends if you believe that people who claim to be clairvoyant are clairvoyant or simply delusional and playing with their imagination.

As for what limits are placed upon one's capabilities, that is an individual thing and something you sould learn for yourself with your own experience and practice.
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Re: clairvoyance
Post # 3
Clairvoyance really means "to have clear vision" and is generally defined as "gaining information through a means other than the known human senses." This gives it a lot of scope, from people who see visions, dream prophecies or people who simply get a gut-feeling.
From a scientific perspective, our brains are receiving so much information each second and our brains are constantly adjusting our perspective to something we can cope with (look up practically any optical illusion). Research into the field of parapsychology suggests that many people who claim to be psychic or clairvoyant show a particular pattern of brain activity which is quite similar to the brain activity of people who suffer from epilepsy. It is therefore easy for many people to reduce clairvoyancy to hallucinations.
I think it's a little more complicated than that. The only reason why it is a pseudoscience and not a science is because the field has not been given the resources (financially and intellectually) to be a science. There is however data out there and more data to be recorded and analysed.

I would say that I have clairvoyant moments but a lot of people do (whether they want to call it clairvoyance, intuition or whatever) so I wouldn't necessarily call myself a clairvoyant. At the end of the day, what people call themselves and how they define their abilities are so varied and so personal that there is no set standard or even a scale to measure against.
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Re: clairvoyance
Post # 4
Would this mean seeing the future in dreams by any chance
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Re: clairvoyance
Post # 5
I sometimes see things before they happen. That could be a psychic gift. However, from a logical view point it could be an over active imagination, coincidence when it happens and human nature making me think it happened as I thought. It could also be that my subconcious gleaned all inputs into a possible scenario, fed it to my optical cortext and it happened just that way or similar enough to appear mystic instead of fact based. I really do not know for sure but I do try to keep an open mind. All I know is sometimes I see things before they happen. :-)
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