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Post # 1
How should i celebrate Beltane I'm new at this and i don't want to do it wrong
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Re: Beltane
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I don't think there is a wrong way to celebrate, as long as you know what you are celebrating.

Beltaine is one of the largest festivals. It is so huge that Christianity couldn't even get rid of it. Most people call it May Day now. Just like Samhain, the veil is thin. It is the opposite of Samhain (in terms of balance).

My daughter loves Beltaine. It is right up there with Yule for her. In the night we have a fire with music and dancing and generally some form of alcoholic beverage. We start off the morning with nothing but fresh fruit of every kind. If I had time the night before, it will be paired with fresh bread (bannock) and butter. My daughter loves making wreaths and necklaces with flowers "sewn" into them. To make this easy for small hands, I use craft store "fuzzy sticks" or what used to be known as pipe cleaners when I was a kid. This way she can twist it up, or braid it, and tuck flower stems into the openings. You can also use your flower crafts to decorate doors and windows. My husband always puts one in the car.

My husband and I cook a "feast" and invite the nature spirits to share in our celebration. We have cakes and such specifically for them. I always leave one place setting open and unused during all festivals as a welcoming spot for the spirits and ancestors that may join. The idea is to make them happy so that they look kindly on you and your year may (hopefully) be prosperous with their help/blessing. When inviting in, it's always important to have wards or protections up to prevent ones intending harm from entering. This is another reason for the flowers.

Themes are fire, flowers, and protection primarily. Fertility is always a theme in the early half of the year, so that's a given. But I try to create more definition between Ostara and Beltaine by focusing on protection/blessings with the later.

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Re: Beltane
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

But, just to be clear, I'm not Wiccan. Wiccans celebrate the sabbats but they did not originate with the religion, they are far older traditions from Northern European and Celtic pre-Christian cultures.

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Re: Beltane
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
All over England, in almost every village, Beltane is celebrated.Even the Catholic Church "stole it" by "crowning" a statue of the Virgin Mary as Queen of the May! They failed! Because Beltane is still celebrated as the Feast Day (Birth) of the Goddess Flora. Children still dance around The May Pole. (With parents totally unaware that the children are dancing around a phallic symbol!). Every village has a May Queen. My own village May Queen has countless photographs taken of her; many appearing in the local Press. She is dressed as Flora; lots of flowers. It is a day of great feasting and joy. And is a public holiday.
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Re: Beltane
Post # 5
That is awesome. :-) I learned something new today.
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