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Post # 1
Where do I find magical herbs? I want to start using herbs in my magic practice but they aren't available in stores near me and where do I find them?
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Re: Herbs
Post # 2

Well, for one, they aren't going to be labeled "magical herbs".

They're herbs that you normally find in your grocery store, or even Wal-Mart. Things like sage, rosemary, thyme, ect...

Other items that you normally cannot access at the store, can be bought online. There is a Spells of Magic shop where you can buy herbs A-Z.

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Re: Herbs
Post # 3
ask an adult you trust to buy them then i'm sure other places may have them
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Re: Herbs
Post # 4
Do you have a kitchen? Look in your spice cabinet, theres probably something with magical properties in there, Basil, Sage, Cinnamon; even Table Salt has magical properties. Wait till no one is in the kitchen-, it can be in the middle of the night, just pretend you?re getting water or something; And take a small amount, not enough that anyone would notice.

Do your research, remember your not going to start out with things that are hard to find, like Rue, or mugwort. But you can do some great magic with just your basic household herbs. And having a good foundation with these herbs will help you as you progress. Trust me it will help.

Oh- and if your trying to hide this from people, which I understand being a closet pagan myself, I used to hide herbs in plastic sandwich bags (labeled with a permanent marker) by removing a bottom dresser or desk drawer in my room, and hiding them in the space between the floor and the drawer.

Just be careful that no one finds them or have a cover story to explain them, because this practice can look like your into a different kind of magic herb.

PS Don't do drugs.
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Re: Herbs
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Animal, writing in all caps is not allowed. Please be more careful next time. Your message in caps was deleted. I apologize to those who wrote in response to it if the thread now seems choppy.

Animal, as was stated, herbs are herbs. All herbs, plants, and trees have their own magic, as does everything in nature. If you do not have money to go to a grocery store, you can use the ones that grow outside for free.

Just don't consume plants that you find growing wild. Some toxic plants look just like non-toxic ones within the same family. And depending on where they're grown, even the non-toxic ones may not be grown in a "clean" area which could make you sick. Only if you take a wildcrafting class or course should you feel 100% confidant identifying plants.

Research to see what plants and herbs naturally grow as "weeds" in your area. Did you know dandelions have magic properties? I'm sure your neighbors won't mind you taking theirs. Mine sure don't!

You may also want to look for my topic on Kitchen Magick. See that little search bar in the top right corner? That's where you can find all the gems of info on the site. Happy researching.
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