How did you know?

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How did you know?
Post # 1
I've been finding and studying Wicca for the past few months where I can, struggling to find the truth and the fake, separate them apart. But it's hard to do when there is so much out there and no one to guid me. I am only sixteen, I know that many younger people interested in Wicca are often times dismissed. But I have found that this religion or one other are the paths I wish to follow, I just want to learn a bit more before I decide. That could take weeks, months, years, anything, but if I keep searching I know I'll find out. So I would like to ask. How did all of you decide that you wanted to follow this path and find out it was right to you? Did something just speak to you, did you just connect to it? Please share your story with me.
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Re: How did you know?
Post # 2

This is a good question you have. Studying wicca, magick or any other form of beliefs do take time. I've learned that not everything suits everyone well and some people will pick and choose specific areas to study. With all the vast amount of knowledge you'll know what feels right when you start studying and practicing.

When I first started studying Wicca, I fell upon it by chance. It first started out with having vivid and prophetic dreams. Then, I stumbled upon some books of this topic. I think it was ment to be that the paths connected the way they did. Either way, I just read and read. The more I read and practiced, the more curious I became and discovered a lot. Wicca and just studying magick saved me from some drastic and terrible moments in my life. I found peace, learned to meditate, rediscover things about myself and capabilities, learned how to take control of my life, learned to connect to the spiritual plane, learn to love/cherish the beauty in everything, and learned to believe in whatever I put my mind to and so much more.

After 23 years of studying I find that I'm more eclectic (that means a little bit of this and a little bit of that) than just Wicca. I also found that it is up to yourself to pick and choose what makes you happy. You may not agree with everything you study. Plus, you may find a few different topics that you wish to practice...Thats ok too. Basically, the way you can figure out what is true and what isn't is really by just researching and reading books from authors that you know have good reputation (like Scott Cunningham & Silver Raven Wolf).

Just remember its not Hollywood... no vampire teeth appearing, no laser beams shooting from the eyeballs, no forcing people to love you, etc. Also, the saying "what you put out will come back" is true. Its very similar to treat others as you would like others to treat you. If you put out bad energy, then you'll get treated with bad energy & if you put out good energy then you'll get treated with good energy.

Hopefully this helps. Feel free to ask questions if you still aren't sure what is true or not.

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Re: How did you know?
Post # 3
I was exposed to Wicca at an early age but was agnostic most my life. Some months ago I was going through a rough time and attempted suicude several times. I prayed to anyone that could hear me to just make my pain end, to let someone see it. I distinctly heard a woman's voice tell me "Don't worry, my child" and I flipped because I thought I may have been going crazy. But then somethkng in me said not to freak out so much. The next day, my best friend noticed the marks on my wrist and I had someone to share my pain with. My prayer had been answered. Two other times, while in distress, I heard the same voice. One time I was told I could be happy and another I was told to be silent. I instantly turned to Wicca after the first time of hearing Her; I'm not sure why, it just seemed natural to me. I believe that voice to be the feminine side of God, the Lady. I feel more of a connection to Her than to the more masculine side. I have my reasons for that. But anyways, that's my story.
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Re: How did you know?
Post # 4
My friend was pagan, so I did a bit of research. Then more, and more until eventually I wanted to start studying and practicing
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