A Dream Woman In Blue

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A Dream Woman In Blue
Post # 1
I've a question, for the many of you experienced with dreams. Yesterday, I had a dream where a woman with pale skin, long blonde hair, a blue dress, and a golden pendulum for a necklace was with me. She had god-like powers, too. We were speaking to each other like old friends, and we were laughing with each other. I can't remember what happened next, but I started crying and she sang to me with the most melodious and angelic voice I've ever heard. I can't remember the whole song, but I remember three specific lines of it. She sang something like: "Do not be afraid. I am always here for you; all you need to do is call for me and I will help you." I woke up soon after that, and I was well rested, but I felt like I was never sleeping. I told my significant other this, and they had a dream with the same woman in it four years ago. In their dream, she'd given them a sword disguised as a cane, but she was much more serious with them than with me. They weren't lying about it, either; I can tell when they're lying. I'd like to know more about this 'mystery woman;' has anyone had a similar experience? If anyone knows about this woman, or has an explanation, please do tell. I have a feeling there's more to this woman, and that she may be more than just a simple dream.
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Re: A Dream Woman In Blue
Post # 2
She may be a symbol of something or someone in your subconscious brought to yours and your significant other's dream. Maybe a woman you look to as a divine person. Or, since as humans we are all a part of the divine and have a feminine as well as masculine side to us, it could have been your feminine side being revealed to you, and it may just have been a Goddess you feel a great connection with revealing herself to you. It's really how you interpret yourself, along with your spouse. Maybe look into some dream interpretation books to help you.
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Re: A Dream Woman In Blue
Post # 3
Sorry to be a stalker, but after reading your bio the woman in your dream may have been how you perceive the goddess Brigid to be. I'm not familiar with the goddess Morrigan but it may have been her as well or both goddesses. I hoped this helped. Blessed be. ^_^
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