Can't Pray Anymore

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Can't Pray Anymore
Post # 1
I'm sorry for posting this,I have nowhere else to turn to, I just want to say there's nothing wrong with following your heart. Even if it's going against your family's religious beliefs. I was just having a conversation with my religious aunt who told me "I won't amount to anything if don't pray", that I can never be successful if I don't pray.

I told her that I want to depend on myself but she told me, I won't amount on anything if I DON'T PRAY. Sorry I know this is overwhelming and I understand if you think this is farfetched but I'm telling the truth.

I can't pray or depend on that religion anymore because all I ever felt was feel sorry for myself and I'm done feeling bad, I'm being force-fed with their beliefs by that religion. I'm done getting hurt because all I felt from them was hurt, honestly. Pain was the only thing I ever felt from them and I can't believe that it's all part of the plan or an act of faith.

Again, I'm sorry for venting my frustrations here, I don't have anyone else to turn to about this.
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Re: Can't Pray Anymore
Post # 2
There is no reason to stress. When I did not want conflict with my family I just quit discussing with them. I tried placating them saying of course I pray, thinking My Spellwork was like their prayer but many of them just took it further. How do you pray? When do you pray? Do you properly end prayer? If you do not pray you will go to eternal torment. This was just their way of discussing prayers and confusing it with worship but finally I told them all, look I do not believe in your god and my prayers are by way of spellwork with the spirits. They all had fits. Oh your soul and you were raised better. I just blew up. Literally lost my temper. Now none of us discuss religion and it suits me fine. Although I feel bad about the ones I pushed away and whose feelings I hurt as they were just trying to help. :-)
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Re: Can't Pray Anymore
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
You are not by yourself.I was brought in a Catholic family, and I stopped praying when I was 14;67 years ago!
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Re: Can't Pray Anymore
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Dont feel stressed about it...i am a practicing Catholic who got fed up with prayer the way it was taught.

Thats what turned me on SoM and pursuing other forms of spirituality. So I think you are right on track. Especially since you came to realize that you have to DO to make things happen.

Explore your spiritual path, but dont ever think you have to turn your back on your past or how you were raised...youre just kind of expanding your horizons is all and if you feel good about it, you can always incorporate those past beliefs, or perhaps get a better perspective on them.

If that makes any sense?

In any case you are in the right place, at the right time and asking yourself and others the right questions!!

Good for you!

Blessings and Light!

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Re: Can't Pray Anymore
Post # 5
Thank you so much, I'm glad I'm not alone about this. I always believed in magic ever-since I was kid I didn't know what it was called because it was something I felt and knew. The only time I was introduced to Christianity was from my family and school, back then I already knew I didn't like it,

I was told to pray, pray, pray and even had thoughts of severely beating someone to death up to the point where they couldn't stand up anymore. It's disturbing and I wondered where that came from but after reminiscing and meditating I found out that's how I felt about them forcing me to that religion.

I can't explain how many times I wad told to pray and feel sorry for myself and pray and pray. Up to the point where it wasn't right to force someone to do something but I felt spineless because I was young and didn't know any better.

Even from the way I typed this message, you can sense the hatred. Anyway, thank you for replying. I'm glad to read your replies.
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Re: Can't Pray Anymore
Post # 6
No offense to your aunt but she is wrong I have never prayed or even been inside a church but my life is aswom, the same goes for my parents (even know I do think that my mother used to go to church and junk up to the age of 18 or so) but praying is nothing that magic cant do, actualy their quite simular
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Re: Can't Pray Anymore
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Just remember, when you need him hell be there. You are the one who left. Not him. Yet he is all forgiving and when you need him back all you have to do is ask him back into your life.
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Re: Can't Pray Anymore
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
I also don't pray. I never felt comfortable doing so my entire life. There have been only a handful of times I've ever sincerely felt the need to do so and it's been those dark desperate times when I had nothing left to lose and exhausted every other avenue. My ceremony, my ritual, and my offerings is my way of connecting. Magick is my spirituality. It feels far more natural and comfortable to me. And far more tangible. For me, praying feels as ridiculous as talking to a teddy bear. The expression on its plush little face is fitting to what I might expect any spiritual being listening would have as well. So you're not alone there. And I believe you should listen to your heart not your aunt when faith is concerned.
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