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Thought form
Post # 1
'Just wondering and would like to hear you'lls thoughts on this but can you put a thoughtform in a book if so do you think they have done that over the years or so to like religious books(I do know every religion have knowledgable stuff I'll say also you can follow any religion and be successful if u know what I mean) i don know just wondering because I know here in dc (and i know not EVERYONE is like that but ive seen a far share of people like stuck in this one mindset or like a seed is instill in there subconscious ) but people don't step outside of there religion morals or at least try (and to me it's like a barrier idk what you think and lots of you know more than me because I'm off nd on with my meditations and stuff which make my progress slow anyway thanks for reading and replying to whom it may appy
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Re: Thought form
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Thought form
Post # 3
Very interesting that you figured this out on your own, you must be very wise! The 'thoughforms' that are ysed in religions to keep people in line and give them a specific mundset is called a 'godform', thoughtforms and godforms are very similar. Thoughtforms are the projection of our thoughts. Godforms are the projection of our ideals and values imbuing energy. Used correctly, godforms can guide on onto the correct path. Used incorrectly, godforms can be an oppressive force. They do so because they are given what we believe to be ideal, and therefore, we become subconsciously controlled by them because we believe that everything they say and do is correct. Over time, this becomes worse and worse as we cannot let go of the godform, so we worship 'god' by letting go of godforms, we learn to embody the qualities that we give it ourselves, and really, we all have it in us, that's how we gave the godform itself the qualities. So some might interpret what I say as 'we should all be athiests and let go of our god/goddess!' God's knows I Don't think that. Hods are different from godforms. Gods are beings of their own with qualities that we admire. We did nit create them. Even if we did, after the first generation, people see the gods as idols, very few will actually go out of their own way to be controlled by them. Thus is just a personal opinion and I do not mean any disrespect and I am sorry if the following sentence offends anyone, so don't get all over emotional, as I am just using the christian god as an example.
In my own personal opinion, God is an oppressive force in the bibles. What he did to Job was the test his faith, but doesn't that denote insecurity?
God, in this case, is depicted as an oppressive force because he uses his moral and spiritual superiority over Job to test Job into doing what he wants done. In doing so he created pain and heartbreak. Of course, later on, Jesus came along and spread a message of love and hope and a forgiving, kind God, so I guess afterwards, things are more about love than anything. In the end, my quarrel is not with God, as there is wisdom to be found in his words, but with the people who misinterpret his word as justification for doing horrible things. So yeah, don't hate, because I am not hatong on your God, as mentioned above.
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Re: Thought form
Post # 4
interesting. i never thought of that. thank you!
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