What I believe

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What I believe
Post # 1
Alright so I don't know too much about this stuff because I've only been learning about it all in the past few weeks, but I believe I still do know a lot...

I believe that society is completely corrupt, people are being braiwashed by the Illuminati through media. I believe there can be subliminal messages in music/tv/etc.. I think this because I've been researching the Illuminati for a long time (more than a few weeks, more like the past 1-2 years). If the devil and demons are real, there must be a God, right? I used to be atheist, but now I believe in God. The mind is the most powerful/mysterious thing. I don't think we know much about the brain and how it works. But I do think that it's capable of doing so many things that we don't even know about. Telepathy, spells, all of that stuff.
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Re: What I believe
Post # 2
Society is very, very corrupt.
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Re: What I believe
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Some within society may indeed be corrupt, but that has nothing to do with the Illuminati, the New World Order, or any other fanciful conspiracy theory. The Illuminati do not exist. They are the result of conspiracy theoristists trying to find someone to blame because the world isn't the way they want it to be.

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Re: What I believe
Post # 4
There's so much proof of it being real. You just have to do research.
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Re: What I believe
Post # 5
There's so much proof that it isn't real, you just have to reasearch....

In all seriousness what these people do is try to draw similarities between certain events and certain people and desperately tie things together, sometimes it is really stupid and pathetic.

The really crazy ones suggest the illuminati are shapeshifting reptillian aliens, the not so crazy ones believe that the illuminati run television and the media, yet this almighty organisation can't be bothered to hide themselves or prevent other people from exposing them?

The illuminati was a group of scientists who sought enlightenment through science in the 1700's. The group has been disbanded. When the illuminati can no longer be blamed it is the freemasons whom these conspiracy theorists claim are evil rich people who control the world. My uncle was a freemason and he was incredibly normal. What's more is they do a lot for charity, if they wanted things such as depopulation to occur they would not fund raise in order to save lives.

It's nothing more than people wanting to make a living spouting lies and creating believable fictions....or they are delusional.

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Re: What I believe
Post # 6
I think that you are a weary dark and paranoid person, while many places are corrupt but not by the illuminati (because there is no such thing) and all it is is a crazy conspiracy theory and demons devile and so one are metaphysical so one a different plane of existence and how do I know that there are no illuminati, because whell first of plane comon sance, second I when first discovered aboat them did some hard core reasorch talked to many historians and professors and even (not of America I am in a different continent) the X president and a economy minister (my mother knows the prezident because she's a reporter and they hang sometimes) and gues what they never even have heard of the illuminati and I did some research on the proposed history of illuminati and haf of what is said of them is imposible because of their soposed members and where they actualy where and that they had no contractions with most of them, no offense but you half to be eighter paranoid to balive in them or just realy stupid
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