true sermon about satan..

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> true sermon about satan..

true sermon about satan..
Post # 1
here's a sermon about satan, I heard some things going go along, let me clear things with you, satan is not the tempter, he's not, his name in fact means something completely different... Satan is also considered a demon that helps you with problems, he is however like everyone says he is a spirit that provides the flesh with needs it needs... well that's pretty much it... small, simple and to the point... However people should discover the good power in the world such as white magic... White magic can give you so many beautiful things... white magic is highly suggested... I heard some people call it light magic, whatever you call it that's what it's for you!
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Re: true sermon about satan..
Post # 2
Actually Satan, according to that name, is the great tempter. Satan is the Christian name for an angel named Lucifer who was cast from Heaven for his jealousy and greed. If you are talking about the stereotype of Satan as the ruler of the underworld, you are more likely referring to Hades. But the actual name Satan is a Christian creation and therefore follows Christian canon. This is why most do not believe in Satan, because he is a creation of Christianity.
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Re: true sermon about satan..
Post # 3
On that note, that is also why Satanism is more about free will than it is about worshiping Satan. A person who really wants to worship the fallen angel for who he is would be better suited in Luciferianism.
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Re: true sermon about satan..
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Site Spells Discussion.
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Re: true sermon about satan..
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Once again a post from somebody with nothing on the profile, talking nonsense.
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Re: true sermon about satan..
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Satan does not mean tempter. It means Adversary, and it is not a Christian name but a Hebrew name. It was originally a title, not a name - though it could be argued that all names, originally, were a description of a person rather than simple pretty word given to a child at birth and kept for convenience.

Satanic worship, in the scheme of things, is really quite modern. In Hebrew practice, there was little reason to be a Satanist of old because Satan was part of God's plan. Having spoken with a formerly Hasidic Jew on this topic, it was explained to me that Satan is still viewed as someone who more watches over the dead souls while they rest, as all souls are simply cleansed until they are capable of entering the realm of the divine.

This view altered with the influence of Persian belief in Zoroastrianism - near as I can tell - which painted the picture of an eternal struggle between Good and Evil, or God and Satan (or the Devil).

The name Lucifer never actually appears in any bible until it was fully mistranslated in the King James version. Prior to this, it was always "the morning star" or "the bringer of light" depending on whether you are reading it in Hebrew or Latin. Therefore, to my opinion, any bother in worshiping "Lucifer" is a misguided effort to worship a translation. But hey, worship all you want - something will be glad to take advantage.

Satanism as we see it now tends to otherwise offer Spiritual Satanists and Levayan Satanists.

Levayan practice is very frequently rooted in satire. It seeks to empower the self, but offers very little by way of worship. Even the Enochian keys offered by Levay in his ritual books are nothing more than satires based on the Enochian keys originally offered by John Dee within the Enochian magical system. The whole of this faith did not exist until the 20th century.

The Joy of Satan, and many Spiritual Satanist practices, likewise beg and borrow from other histories and faiths to create a religion that has no basis in reality or historical record. They take what they want to create an image of Satan as though he is a creator god, and the true god, and so on and so forth - and in many places lace much of it with white supremacy and other useless hate speech perfectly suitable for your average self-serving cult.

Educate yourselves before you go preaching nonsense.
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Re: true sermon about satan..
Post # 7
AwakeTooLong is correct, the true practice that is theistic satanism has been highly corrupted by idiots who think they know our father. They use satanism as a means to further their own means, that which is usually white supremacy and domination. It is sad that actual followers of the dark god such as myself are associated with them, because of them satanists will always be looked down upon. Satanism is a religion of enlightenment for the mind and body, so that we may soon day become a god ourselves, and join our dark father in the land of eternal knowledge that is our hell.

We are not Nazis, we are not racists, do not listen to those fools at JoS and Blacksun.
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