How do you know?

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> How do you know?

How do you know?
Post # 1
I'm not particularly drawn to Loki, but he does pop up every now and then. How do find out exactly what a God wants, as in they wanting you to do something for them or to honor them? He's not really insistant, its more like a nudge that he's there.
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Re: How do you know?
Post # 2
Loki is called upon in times of distress or dispair in norse paganism. He is not honored or recognized as a god in their halls. When nothing else works, they call on loki, because he is considered to be so unpredictable to most people. I reccomend reading the forum posts and links in the norse paganism section.
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Re: How do you know?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

That's not true, brite.

Loki is considered to be a deity of change, and is also called upon when change is either being brought into your life or needs to be. He is unpredictable, as change is, but not unreliable. He is beginning to be viewed in a more favorable light by Heathens as time goes on.

Loki is honored by Lokeans, who are groups of Heathens. He is also honored by Rokkatruars. You can find some information on both of those paths here in the forums. However, the honoring of Loki is largely new- as he was not traditionally worked with in the past by our ancestors (though I've seen some new evidence disputing that). People who work with Loki tend to find their own way of doing it, and it tends to be very individualized.

Here's some sources for you to look at:

If you would like, send me a message and we can discuss some of this. Loki is the main deity I've worked with for nearly fourteen years.

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Re: How do you know?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

As for finding out exactly what he wants.. Generally, taking some time to make an offering to him (which I've provided information how to do that in the links) is a good way of reaching out to him and letting him know you are receptive to whatever it is he has in store for you. Saying a prayer wouldn't hurt either, as it is kind of a way of reaching out as well.

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Re: How do you know?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Deities rarely desire anything of you unwarranted. However, what you may be experiencing is Loki calling himself to your attention. He may want you to work with him. But it is always your choice. Research well and decide carefully no matter what the being.

Working with deities is a whole different experience and just because they like you, doesn't make you obligated to work with them. I actually feel people jump into deity work too quickly before developing confidence in themselves magickally. Then the deity becomes a crutch and a vehicle instead of creating a mutual healthy relationship while retaining one's own independence.
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