Help Finding My Quartz

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Help Finding My Quartz

Help Finding My Quartz
Post # 1
I need a little help. I've lost/misplaced my quartz crystal (again). Anybody know of a spell that will help me find it?
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Re: Help Finding My Quartz
Post # 2
YES the following is from Charmed, so slam me down now why don't you... but i've used it many a time and it really does work!!!
"guiding spirits I ask your charity, lend me your focus and your clarity, lead me to the thing I cannot find, restore that, and my peace of mind" do this while walking around with a lit candle! Good Luck!!
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Re: Help Finding My Quart
Post # 3
Me too. Take a pendulum and scry with it over a hand drawn map of the area you may have lost the item in.
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Re: Help Finding My Quartz
Post # 4
Actualy the best way to use a pendulum for scryind is not ower a map but just ask a pendulum to point you towards it, the pendulum will move in two directions but one of them will show you straight where to go, the important thing is not to move your hand but your sub conscious or your higher self however you want to say it from sciance or magic perspactive and you will know which end of the pendulum you should follow (you can also use a pendulum for yes no questions) I misplace stuff othen so I know this method works and works batter than ower a map
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Re: Help Finding My Quartz
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I like to sit quietly and meditate on the object. I focus on the object and see it in my mind with a blank background. I let my mind wander a little considering when I saw it step by step and allow the background to fill on its own. At that point I can usually narrow it down based on the colors or materials I see around/near it. The only time it's a pain is when I see just darkness. Couch cushions...under clothes...the possibilities of darkness is maddening!
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