Karma from the past?

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Karma from the past?
Post # 1
About four years ago I was new and upcoming to all things pertaining to Wicca and witchcraft. I guess I was fantasized by what I saw on television, so I found it interesting and harmless. I was picked on by a particular boy in my French Class so I took to the internet to remedy this. After searching various sites. I kind of found some interesting charms and spells involving negative energy. I practised alittle in the past but this was a milestone for me. I used cooking oil an attempted to "curse" it, if you will. I put the oil in a zip lock bad and inside I out a dollar coin in. (Canadian) anyways. I went to said person's desk and lays out the loonie and oil. The idea is that whoever touched it would get bad luck. Well I suppose it worked. I did this in the morning, that night I was going to a birthday party but got stuck in traffic. There was a collision and an elderly couple were dead. It was that boy's adopted grand parents.

Believe me, I know how foolish this sounds and how stupid I was. Saying I was young is no excuse and I should have studied the craft more. Ever since then my life has been getting progressively worse and I feel like it's karma for what happened? I swear I am not concocting this. Feel free to message me if you feel you need more details. Also, sorry for any spelling errors, iPhones aren't the best to type on. Hopefully someone can give me insight.
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Re: Karma from the past?
Post # 2
I barely believe in karma, however I can give you an answer. Well, if it was only yo give the person bad luck, it shouldn't be too bad. Maybe it is just extremely unfortunate events. Was the elderly couple driving? Well, if they were, they are elders and probably can't see straight and stuff. It was bad luck to someone who picked on you. How much were they picking on you? Enough to make you scream insults in your head? If they weren't picking on you too bad to need an actual curse, you should use just a simple bad luck for a day. If they are picking on you enough to do some "stuff" then you are going to need a better bad luck spell. How much bad luck did it give the boy?
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Re: Karma from the past?
Post # 3
The crash wasn't the result of your magic. Cooking oil wouldn't do anything special to the coin. It only made it greasy.

As for the karma part, I don't buy into karma myself but you might just be feeling guilt for this. If you're looking for an absolution, try taking a shower then soaking in some consecrated salt to rinse away all the negativity. I don't know what path you're on but you can also call on your god/dess to help you. But just know it wasn't because of you that they got in an accident.
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Re: Karma from the past?
Post # 4
Coukda been their bad karma. Maybe its their fault hes the way he is.
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Re: Karma from the past?
Post # 5
Ok, I hope you knew before you did the curse that curses ussually kill people. Often those around them before making the final kill on the original victim. The type of curse you did was unnecessary because you've probably cursed more people than you realize. Now here's what you should do
1.) Ignore that it could be karma. It doesn't matter if karma matters in this case or any case for that matter. Once you believe that it is you've accepted the bad things that are happening and it won't go away and i'm not someone who says what you should've done because your smart enough to have learned your lesson if you even did anything shouldn't of done (which I don't believe you did) and you can't change the past.

2.) Never regret or feel guilty for a spell. I know sometimes you get the Gene effect and you don't realize what you've done until it's too late. From what I've seen, magi who runaway from magic and regret every spell they've ever done are the one's who have bad things happen in their life constantly. This applies to even only a single spell and this is when they backfire.(note: undoing your own spells is a different matter as long as your reason isn't guilt or regret in most cases)

3.)Cleanse yourself and do some protection just in case. It could be unrelated or it could be because of the person or someone else unintentionally using some of their own unknown power.

And goodluck
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