Nightmares and Demons?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Nightmares and Demons?

Nightmares and Demons?
Post # 1
Okay, so the past couple of nights, I've been having grotesque and horrifying nightmares. On the first night, I was having a nightmare that I was being tortured by these shadowy figures with glowing red eyes and huge smiling mouths. They seemed to be like a could or a mist.

The second night was the scariest night. There was this little demon girl whose face was gray and cracked and her veins were black and showing. She had a carved smile and glowing white eyes. She killed my mother!

The third night wasn't the worse but I gotten attacked by a league of vampires along with a dying dog who was communicating with me telepathically. I would of died in my dream but I woke up.

They were super detailed and horrifying and they just seemed so real. I never have nightmares. I don't even remember if I ever did have nightmares.

Another things is, I've been hearing and seeing things all around my apartment when I'm alone. I have been getting enough sleep so I know it is not micro naps coming in to play. I saw these things even before I had the nightmares.

They are these shadowy figures that I described in my first dream and they just stare at me under the doorways. I asked who they were but they never respond, then disappear.

I'm always hearing footsteps in the kitchen. The entire house is covered in carpet except the wooded floors in the kitchen. Once in a while, I hear footsteps in the kitchen. Not your normal pitter patter of footsteps but like multiple. Like a dog sliding on tile floor but with more legs than four.

The walls in the apartment are very thin and I am able to hear the next door neighbors sometimes talking to each other. But the place next to us is abandoned and at the dead of night, I can hear a tapping on the wall, as if someone is knocking on the other end. No one lives there.

My mother and her friend said that they see an old man sometimes staring at them. I never seen the old man, but I seen the horrifying form of the man. My mother is not experiencing the nightmares like I, so can that mean I am having it worse than her? Can this thing follow me to other places?

If you want to no more information about this, please message me. I would like to get to the bottom of this.
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Re: Nightmares and Demons
Post # 2
Learn the lbrp.
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Re: Nightmares and Demons?
Post # 3
You've most likely have several malicious spirits around you place or maybe even a demon. It would be a good idea to leave that place.
You could try to purify the place but it would be much simpler to move if posiable.
Most people cant get rid of spirits like that.
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Re: Nightmares and Demons?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Any spirit can cause nightmares, but it is known that specific nature spirits and lower world beings are more prone to the special talent of turning a nightmare into a spectacularly horrifying macabre masterpiece. And that is definitely what you describe. They do it to feed on the fear of the individual. The more fearful, the tastier the energy. The more energy they take, the stronger they become, and then they use that energy to create noises and move things in small but noticeable ways, to get even more fear out of you. If this continues on, it could very well turn into a full fledged "haunting".

A simple banishment and protection on the house as well as a physical protection (amulet) on yourself generally works perfectly. But if, for whatever reason you still continue to suffer from this spirit, try wearing jasper and put St John's wort under your bed and above or below any entrance to your house. They don't like it.
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